Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Destin-ation Vacation

Davey and Claire took the boys to Destin last week for a little vacation, they met up with some of their friends there. Adam went with them and they all had a fabulous time.

While they were there Claire took a few photos of the boys playing in the sand at the beach with Davey that I want to share here on my blog. We’ll be going to the beach in a few weeks with the boys and are really looking forward to it. Alex is in the green shorts and Eli the blue in these photos.

 DSC07659-028DSC07658-027 DSC07631-001 DSC07636-006 DSC07639-009 DSC07640-010 DSC07643-012 DSC07645-014 DSC07646-015 DSC07648-017 DSC07649-018 DSC07650-019 DSC07652-021 They loved the sand… Eli wasn’t fond of being in the water but they both had a blast digging holes with their Daddy and Ian. I love their little sailor hats! Before they left I packed up some fun treats for them. An ice chest with berry snacks and juice, a bag of snacks for the road and a whole lot of sand toys. The boys were excited when they saw the surprise and really loved them!

DSCF5696-003 DSCF5697-004 DSCF5698-005 DSCF5699-006 DSCF5700-007 DSCF5701-008 DSCF5702-009 DSCF5703-010 DSCF5704-011 DSCF5705-012 DSCF5706-013 DSCF5707-014

I created all the little tags with Shabby Miss Jenn’s awesome new “Hawaiian Vacation” kit.

This is a layout I made with it featuring a photo from our trip to Perdido Key last summer. Claire and the twins at the beach for the day.

Fun at the Beach

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jmac said...

How cute they are!! They must have been there the same time we were.....wonder if we stayed closeby??
The treats are adorable. Bet my peeps wished I'd made them something like that!! HA...NADA!!
Well.......we did have an ice chest with.....well, you know!!