Monday, June 7, 2010

Staycation for Kali, Maddie and Ella

Kali and her cousins Maddie and Ella had a little Staycation in town on June first to kick off the summer. Kris (her mama) rented a room in town at one of the local hotels and they spent two days out by the pool, playing games and doing fun activities together. I stopped by at the beginning of the trip to drop off a little basket of goodies for Kali and her friends while she was out at the pool.


Lolli and Kali at the pool with her basket of treats and fun! DSC07506-003Kali having fun in the pool with Maddie (above). The girls enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast in the hotel dining room (below).DSC07534-004 DSC07544-005 DSC07553-006 DSC07557-007

Ella, Kali and Maddie had a fun time on their Staycation!

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