Sunday, July 6, 2008

First Hair Cut

Its definately a lot harder for everyone to tell the boys apart now that we've trimmed Alex's hair. Claire asked me to cut it this weekend, he had a few wayward strands and I have to say he and Eli sure do look a whole lot more alike. Everyone looked at their hair to tell them apart and over yesterday, when we were with my family celebrating the 4th, it proved a lot harder for everyone but they are figuring it out just fine. Thanks to Pop (Dave) who took over the camera for this little adventure and did a mighty fine job with recording the event! So what do ya think? Is it harder to tell them apart now?


Deborah said...

Alex is on the right and Eli on the left. Such cuties. Loved seeing them yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Early in the morning or late at night with the lights dim, it is really hard to know which baby boy I have in my arms.

Thanks for the haircut Lolli!


Anonymous said...

just when i think i figured them out yall go and mess me up haha.

Great group effort on the haircut :-)