Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kali (Learning to Sew)

Today when Krista dropped Kali off in the morning before she went to work I had already decided that today would be Kali’s first sewing lesson. She could whistle, wink and snap her fingers by the age of two, so I figured she would be a champ in the stitching world! I can remember my grandmother and mama teaching me how to embroider when I was about seven years old and figured since Kali is six and a half that we could start teaching her the basics of sewing. For Christmas this year Pop and I gave Kali her very own Brother sewing machine since she has shown such an interest in learning how to sew when she sees me making something on my sewing machine.

Here she is with all of her materials ready to begin.

DSC_1077-002 We decided since a pillow case is a very easy, straight lines beginner project that we would begin with that. So we ironed the fabric, cut out our pieces of fabric that Kali chose from our material box and set out to make the prettiest pillow case she’s ever seen.

DSC_1079-004 DSC_1078-003

I taught Kali how to stand away from the ironing board so that she wouldn’t burn her tummy, I set up the board at a height that she could comfortably move the iron around and watched her very closely so she wouldn’t burn herself.

DSC_1083-007 DSC_1081-005 DSC_1082-006 She was very careful to keep the fabric straight and her stitching evenly spaced away from the edge. She followed the “2” line very neatly. She stopped about a half inch from each pin holding her fabric together to remove the pin and then continued.

DSC_1089-013 DSC_1087-011 DSC_1088-012 She was careful and very neat. She remembered each time to run a few reverse stitches to keep her seams from separating.

DSC_1091-015 DSC_1090-014 After she was finished sewing I taught her how to iron open the seams and finish pressing her completed project. One of the most important things I learned when I was first learning to sew was to iron as I sewed and keep everything neat. It has been a valuable lesson I use today.

Here she is with her finished project, she’s going to be sleeping on it tonight!


What a happy and accomplished girl. Here are a few more shots of her finished pillow case. I have a feeling she’s going to want to learn how to sew lots of things!

DSC_1095-019 DSC_1096-020

It is so very neat and fresh, I know she will enjoy it!


Unknown said...

Awe! I am teaching my 9 year old to sew this week while she's on Christmas break. My fancy embroidery machine is off to the warranty center so i'm trying not to go into withdrawls! She's actually using my Holly Hobbie machine from when I was little and my mom taught me on it.....Great memories that i'm sure you both will cherish!
She did a good job too! Very professional.

jmac said...

How absolutely precious!! And coming from someone who had to teach high school seniors how to sew....I know what a job it can be! The pillow was a perfect job for her to begin with and the pics she will treasure forever. So cute!
I have a feeling that the pillow will be the one she takes to college with her....sniff, sniff....I remember when she was born. Where did THAT time go??