Saturday, April 28, 2012

Krista’s Baby Shower

Last Saturday we celebrated the new little addition to our family who is coming in Mid June of this year. Krista was gifted so many beautiful baby things and Caroline Ann will be adorable in all of the sweet baby girl clothes she was given! Here are a few highlights from the party.

Our decorations included one that has been used before in our home, Alexa’s dress model was put to ‘work’ again in a pretty dressed and Nanny Brie made a pretty pink baby rattle inspired by an idea we found on Pinterest. She sure is crafty and so sweet to boot! The baby stroller and Moses basket were from me and Pop.

DSC_6560-006 These are a few of the other gifts we got them, all of the monogramming was done by Brooke C. LeBlanc. She did an amazing job and was so quick and everything turned out beautifully!

DSC_6566-012 DSC_6559-005 DSC_6564-010 Here are some of the decorations and a few ultrasound photos of Caroline Ann! Big sister to be, Kali created the welcome sign and sign in sheet, she’s such a big help!

DSC_6590-035 DSC_6565-011 DSC_6589-034 Once again, my cousin Dallas, of Dallas Florists of Broussard put together our lovely floral arrangements. After finding ideas on sewing/making gifts on Pinterest I was inspired to make a bow holder and some lovely little drawstring bags for Krista. Her bows will always be handy and inside each of the five bags are a few diapers, wipes, sunscreen, diaper rash meds and q-tips. Its easy to grab and go for the busy mother on the run.

 DSC_6562-008 DSC_6557-003 Inside the Moses basket were a few dresses and other assorted baby items.

DSC_6568-014 We also had to have a few LSU outfits monogrammed to honor Krista’s alma mater and Zach’s favorite college football team! They’re laid out in a sweet little rocking seat that I have for the baby at our home. Can’t wait to see our little Caroline in it!

DSC_6577-023 DSC_6575-021 DSC_6576-022

I found this pretty cross stitched, framed art at a local antique mall and thought it would look sweet in Caroline’s nursery.


Inside the baby crib in my office I have a few more sweet outfits for Caroline and a monogrammed pillow and toile blanket.

DSC_6584-030 DSC_6580-026 DSC_6582-028 DSC_6583-029 Krista’s best friend and Caroline’s Nanny, Brie made a diaper cake and pretty gift basket filled to the brim with baby goodies!

DSC_6588-033 DSC_6587-032 Krista got so many pretty and useful gifts, she’s so grateful to her friends and our families for making this precious time in their lives memorable and amazing!

DSC_6624-066 DSC_6627-068 DSC_6596-040 DSC_6597-041 DSC_6599-043 DSC_6601-045 DSC_6606-050 DSC_6621-063 Kali was such a big help to Mama while opening gifts, she helped Taunte Brie remember everything to write down in the Thank You book too. Our home was filled to the brim with wonderful baby gifts. There was a touch of pink everywhere!


Kali and Taunte Brie, soon to be Caroline’s Godmother. DSC_6593-038

Abigail, Natalie and Anna Claire.


Audrey Jane and Aimee Rose

 DSC_6610-054 Claire holding sweet baby Olivia.


Kali Marie enjoying a petit four.

 DSC_6617-059 Joanna Marie ready for a little snack in the dining room.  We are so thankful to Aunts Brandi, Robin and Debbie for helping with the delightful and yummy party snacks. Everything was delicious!

DSC_6615-057 DSC_6613-056

Krista with her two best friends, Brie and Lauren, thanks for making this day so special for our girls!DSC_6631-070 DSC_6634-071

Sisters are so very special, Krista is so lucky to have Erica and Alexa in her life! Thanks for all the help in making this party perfect girls!


Krista and her ‘big girl’ Kali Marie, she’s going to be a first rate big sister! DSC_6651-079

Krista and me, I can’t wait to have another little bundle of joy to love!


Our lil Mama Krista thanks everyone who came and everyone who gave such wonderful, thoughtful and useful gifts! We appreciate all of you! Thank you! 7 weeks and counting . . .

Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday Surprise

Our daughter Krista’s best friend sent me a text with a photo of a beautiful little coffee cup while Dave and I were at LauBerge dulac on a little birthday trip, she asked me if I collected them. I told her most definitely, asked her where she found them and a few days later she dropped off a big tub of dishes on my patio when I was out of the house for the afternoon. You can imagine how excited and surprised I was to find them in beautiful condition, a lovely addition to the few pieces I treasured. The first photo is of the ones I already had, a coffee pot, two creamers, one sugar and a serving dish and 13 fruit bowls.

DSC_6552-007 Just how excited do you think I am that I have all these precious pieces to add to my collection. 12 dessert plates, six dinner plates, six cup and saucer sets, 7 fruit bowls, 7 soup bowls and an extra creamer.

DSC_6551-006 DSC_6546-001 DSC_6547-002 DSC_6548-003 DSC_6549-004 DSC_6550-005

Thank you Brie for remembering me when you found these treasures and for gifting them to me! Love you and your thoughtfulness!

Easter Sunday Family

After Mass on Easter Sunday the kids came over to the house for lunch and the grandkiddies had a blast with their Easter treats and surprises.

 Alexa & Eri Easter 2012 LA&E Easter K&D Easter 2012 Dave and Bubs (web) Jory and Erica web L&K Easter 2012 I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter Sunday!