Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wonderful Sunday

Of course it included yummy fried chicken and shrimp that my son cooked and sweet times with our children and our favorite little people. Here’s a few of the kids after they woke up and had breakfast, they’re eating grapes together on the sofa.

 DSCF3132-001 DSCF3137-004DSCF3134-003

DSCF3142-007 DSCF3143-008 DSCF3145-010

A little Handy Manny on the TV, sharing grapes and being cheesy for Lolli was the order of the morning!

Movie Night with the Littles


Tonight Kali, Alex and Eli are sleeping over for their parents to have a much needed night off. They’re watching Meet the Robinsons with Erica and Pop. I took a few photos of them to share below. Our gumbo supper is almost ready and the house smells yummy, I hope everyone has a safe and warm night!





Thursday, January 28, 2010

Up on the Hay Bale

The kids all love to climb. Ha! Here are a few of ours at the barn yard enjoying their perches. Kali, Alex, Eli and the other kids, in that order below.






Tuesday, January 26, 2010

At The Barn

After putting on their mud boots on Sunday morning Alex and Eli went to the barn with Pop and their daddy that they call Poppa. They greeted the mud with a whole lot of excitement and started petting the animals almost immediately. They were into everything, it was so cool to watch and capture images of them with my camera, so I’ll share a few shots here today.


Heading out to the barn with Poppa and Pop


Pop helps Eli through some muddy water while Alex heads to see the goats.


Eli and Alex love petting the goats and they’re so tame and nice to them.


Alex thinks these goats are funny when they eat their feed. They make funny noises and smack!


Alex watches while Eli tries opening the dog’s kennel so they can come out and play.


Alex decides to catch a pig! He followed him all around the barn yard but never caught him!


The boys watch with Pop while Poppa cleans the hooves of the goats. Being out at the barn with the big guys is so much fun for the little boys!

Oh and one other little thing… see the boy’s jackets? Uh huh, Who Dat? Who Dat say they’re gonna beat them Saints? Who Dat?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Four Lil Boots

When our two favorite little boys come over today Pop has a surprise for them. They love going outside to stomp around in the mud, so he found a pair of mud boots (thats what we call them around here) for each of them. I can’t wait to watch our little buddies enjoying them! Hopefully I’ll have a few pics of them enjoying their boots today!


The Ring

The other day when I  posted photos of Erica’s ring ceremony I didn’t have a close up to share on my blog, I’ve rectified this situation and now have a few to share. All three of our girls have chosen non traditional graduation rings that they will wear all of their lives. When it was time for our son to get a graduation ring, he opted for a new Benelli rifle, he still uses it often and said he’ll be happy to hand it down to one of his sons one day, its a good thing we got him another gun for his engagement gift since he’s got two sons to share with. Did they make the right choices? For each of them, I do think so!

DSCF2931-021 Her birthday is in October so she chose her birthstone in an emerald cut surrounded by little diamonds that also went down the band in a beautiful antique style setting. I think she made a lovely choice.


Valentine’s Day Dishes


I am a sucker for Valentine’s day anything so earlier this week when I was shopping at Marshalls I found two little cream colored bowls, just the perfect size for a special snack with my honey, they were  a whole $1.99 so I confidently picked them up and knew I’d find the perfect plates to go with them. Yesterday was that day! Dave and I went to Lafayette with Erica to shop at Albarado’s for a recliner for him to match the living room furniture we’re getting for the new house, we also went to a few of our favorite stores. At T.J. Maxx I found exactly what I was looking for to go with the cream colored bowls and they were all of $3.99. Goodness how lucky can a girl be!? I can imagine a whole table with these lovely little dishes as the focal point! I hope everyone has a super weekend!

 DSCF2935-003DSCF2937-005 DSCF2936-004 DSCF2938-006


Antiquing with Erica on Friday

Erica and I went to Lafayette to meet up with Deb and her kiddos (-Andrew). We went antiquing and had a yummy little lunch. I didn’t buy a whole lot but I sure had a great time. Here are my little finds, I have one more to share, but have to wait until after I give the gift ;) We went to When Pigs Fly in Lafayette, another little flea market type store in Maurice and one on Charity Street in Abbeville. I just love these days, hanging out with the girls and finding goodies!


I found four little dessert plates that go with my china pattern and I also found one little pale blue Fire King custard cup to match the rest of my collection. I had three or four already and found a set of six, but the asking price was outrageous, when we went to a little store in Abbeville I found this one for a buck and a quarter, it put a smile on my face!DSCF2940-008 DSCF2941-009 DSCF2942-010

I’ve long admired this type of etched depression glass, so today when I found six champagne glasses with fleur de lis designs on them for only $15 I figured the time had come for me to pick up this new collection! I just love em!

Dee got a few photos of Erica while we were shopping, I’m going to get them from her and post them here soon.

Kali Says “Who Dat?”

Kali’s all ready for the game today!~ I took this photo of her last weekend with her Drew Brees “9” jersey on at Alex and Eli’s birthday party and she’s ready again for a showdown today!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Story Time with the Twins

This past Thursday I took Alex and Eli to the library for story time. The theme was penguins, they listened to three stories, participated in a song with hand motions, had a little math lesson on the felt board and watched a movie all about penguins. Afterward they made a penguin with a pretty cap and scarf with the rest of the children. They were so very well behaved and sweet, they shared the glue for the project nicely and both got star stickers and penguin color pages after the movie. Here are a few photos of the little guys before we left and a few with their penguin crafts in the car before I took them to Maw’s for naptime.

DSCF2927-012 DSCF2902-004 DSCF2905-005 DSCF2922-007 DSCF2923-008 DSCF2924-009 DSCF2925-010 DSCF2926-011

I’m so proud of our little sweeties! They’re such good boys!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Note Cards with Too Sweet

The Too Sweet kit that Shabby Miss Jenn made for Valentine’s Day spawned a few ideas, I’ll be sharing these over the next few days. I have a few more hybrid projects to share before Kali’s Valentine’s Day tea party.

Too Sweet Notecards Too Sweet Notecard

These will be perfect for me to write little notes to my friends or loved ones. Shabby Miss Jenn Designs – Too Sweet <---click here.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Too Sweet

This kit from Shabby Miss Jenn is just that! Too Sweet… I adore everything about it since Valentine’s is probably my favorite holiday and I love making Valentine’s day goodies for my family, especially the little ones!

Here’s her super cute kit preview and HERE is where you can get it! Click HERE to go to my gallery at SMJ Designs.

folder The lovely papers above and the kit preview below.


Here are a few of my layouts created with this lovely kit! I’m going to be making a load of hybrid projects in the coming weeks in prep for Kali’s Valentine’s day tea party!

   Rootin Tootin Cowboy Valentine's Day CutiesLove of ArtOur Little Ballerina