Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall 2012

Monday was a fun one, I had time to gather some goodies for Boo-ing the grandchildren and got all of my errands done :) Always makes for a good day!

Here’s a few photos of the goodies and label I created for the Boo’d kiddos.

8.5x11 (2 5 16th Scallop Tags) Boo'd Girls Boo'd The boys and girls treats were very similar, Alex, Kali and Eli had fun drink cups with treats inside and Linee had a sweet baby book that I know she will enjoy, along with those I included a few window clingy pumpkins, a little ceramic pumpkin that has a night light inside, spider bubble gum and Halloween bowls to use for breakfast or snacks these next few weeks. I tucked the girls into a gift bag with flowers and the boys were placed on their front porch so they could see them when they got home. Everyone loved the  little surprise, I think Kali has figured out that I had something to do with it, but we’re not telling until Halloween. I just love holiday surprises and collecting special treats for the little ones.

I also have a few little holiday decorations here at home, I created a little collage to share some photos of them for your enjoyment.

Fall 2012

I hope your Fall is going well, happy Fall from all of us!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Two Grand Portraits

A few Sundays ago we went to Davey and Claire’s house after mass to take photos of all the grandchildren. They happened to all be wearing light blue and white and none of it was planned, but I was definitely going to take advantage of it. I snapped a few of the sweetest photos of the boys together and the girls together. I have to do a bit of editing on the four of them but I wanted to share these now. I couldn’t have asked for more, I LOVE how they both came out!

Girls Pic

Caroline Ann and Kali MarieBoys Pic

Elijah James and Alex Scott

Grandparent Day @ School

The twins had Grandparent day at school this past Friday, I attended Holy Mass with Caroline and Alexa and afterward we went to the school cafeteria where Alex and Eli performed two songs with their PreK class, they were adorable and the songs were too cute! Afterward we went to their classroom where they gave me a sweet gift that they made themselves, an apple with their photo in the middle with crepe paper decorations for the leaves and border. They were both so proud of their handiwork and we were so impressed with them! I will cherish them always!

Grandparent's Day @SES with A&E Alex Scott, Me and Elijah JamesTwin Apples for Blog

Elijah and Alex’s sweet gift for Lolli and Pop.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pretty in Pink

On Friday Caroline and I attended the Blessing of the Babies Mass at SES, she was adorable in pink and had nothing but smiles for me all morning. Hope you all have a very happy week filled with lots of love and smiles!

happy girl in pink On another note, our chickens and the duck who lives in our pond also started laying. We picked three chicken eggs and two duck eggs this week so far and are trying to find where they are all laying. So far its scattered around!

Homegrown eggs I cooked a few for breakfast, quack quack is on the left and pock pock is on the right. ;)

quack and pockThe duck egg is much more orange than the chicken egg but they’re both very rich tasting and delicious! We are going to have to build a coop very soon for them so we can harvest the eggs every day rather than go hunting through the barn and pastures for them!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Caroline Ann: 17 Week Photo

We took a few weeks off of taking our “watch me grow” photos as Krista went back to work and we all adjusted to the new schedule and routines. This morning we tried to shoot one but she wasn’t in a fun mood, so we tried again after her afternoon nap and she was in a much happier mood! Here’s our baby girl at seventeen weeks!