Friday, September 28, 2012

SES Farmer’s Day and one sweet little Pumpkin!

Today is the Sugarcane Festival Farmer’s Day in our home town, we’re celebrating the farmer by dressing up in our Farmer’s Day t-shirts and wearing jeans, hats and bandanas. Eli, Kali and Alex went to school today ready to have a blast. Kali will be going on a field trip to the New Iberia Museum on Main Street and we all attended Holy Mass this morning, even Caroline was there with me. Linee playing with her baby doll this morning before going to Mass.


Miss Kali, just a little bit sassy and a whole lot of sweetness! Kali’s last year at St. Edward’s for Sugarcane Festival!0001

Having cousins at school with her is THE best! Elijah, Kali and Alex ready for Farmer’s Day at SES!

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We are all looking forward to a great festival weekend, tomorrow morning is going to be so much fun, join us for the Children’s Parade on Main Street at 10 am. These three munchkins will be participating with their school!

Caroline: Almost 4 Months Old!

Caroline spent the Thursday and today with me while Mommy Krista worked. I was able to take a few photos of her between naps, she must be growing because that girl eats and sleeps a lot!

She’s found her feet and is grabbing her toys and putting them in her mouth. She loves her sweet baby doll and chewing on her hair! It really keeps her entertained for a while, which gives me a bit of time to edit these photos and post them to my blog and facebook!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Race for Education at SES

This week we celebrate a lot of things, the little ones had Race for Education at school and I went to walk around the block with Kali, Alex and Eli. We all had a fun time and got some good exercise too! Aunt Kiss and Caroline were there to cheer them on and walk a few laps with them too!

DSC_0447-036 mcdonalds purple-039 mcdonalds yellow-040 DSC03759-003 DSC03760-004 DSC03765-009 DSC03769-010 DSC03771-011 DSC_0435-024 A whole lot of money was raised thanks to all the supporters of SES! We’re so proud of our little ones who did their part also to make their school a better place!


Today the little boys went on a fun field trip with their class to a Sugarcane Farm, I didn’t get to go with them and take photos because little Linee was with me while her mom worked. Tomorrow is Farmer’s Day at school and they will all be dressed in their jeans and farmers day tshirts. I’ll be posting pics of them soon! Saturday morning they will all be in the Sugarcane Festival children’s parade. Kali will be riding on the St. Edward’s School float and dressed as an elephant and Alex and Eli will be pulled in their wagon by their parents and represent circus clowns. More pics to come soon!