Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Baby Treat Bags

I made some little treat bag toppers and got the goodies to go inside, packed it all up and gave it to Davey and Claire to put together. Here’s the little sample, the treat bag is filled with baby friendly goodies, apple grape juice box, little pretzel bags, twisted fruit chews and a few other snacks from the baby section of the grocery store. I hope all the little ones who go to daycare with the twins enjoy them!

halloween alexeli

I took the picture of our little Bubbas at the gumbo cook off just a few weeks ago in New Iberia. I love those little boys! Alex is on the left and Elijah is on the right in the photo.

I used Shabby Miss Jenn Designs Pumpkinville digital scrapbooking kit to create the treat topper.

Halloween Treat Box

A little something I made using Shabby Miss Jenn’s pretty little Pumpkinville kit. Click on the image to go to SMJ Designs.

Halloween Treat Box (web)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

She Pulled It Out!

She Pulled Her First Tooth (525)

Kali finally wiggled that little tooth that was dangling by a thread this morning just enough for it to come out. Watching her little face and seeing the amazement was wonderful.

DSC03064-003 DSC03065-004 DSC03067-005 DSCF0749-006 She went and showed Pop her gap and the little tooth she pulled and he asked her to put it under his pillow and she said NO Way!DSCF0753-010

She called her Mama right after she pulled her tooth and when she didn’t answer (she’s in nursing school) we sent a picture message to her cell phone. Mama’s gonna be so excited for her!

DSCF0755-012 DSCF0757-014

Showing Nanny Lexi her tooth and the little gap it left when she pulled it out.DSCF0758-015 DSCF0759-016

Kali had to leave for school, so we put her tooth in a pretty tea cup for safe keeping until she can put it under her pillow at home tonight. Kali’s been smiling ever since she pulled it!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Whole Lotta Boo’ing Going On!

The kiddos in our family are going out and boo’ing a few of their favorite friends. Kali loves being on the giving end more than anything! Here’s a few photos of her ready for tonight’s adventure. I’m sure the Pumpkin Poop treat bags will make the kiddies giggle! Have you been Boo’d? What was your favorite treats that were included? I’ll be back with more adventures soon!

 DSC03053-001 DSC03058-002

Cauldron’s for the Lil Pumpkins

I’ve got a few treats tucked into these cute cauldrons for Kali, Alex and Eli … all ready for when my lil pumpkins come trick or treating this weekend. I used Shabby Miss Jenn’s Pumpkinville kit to create the name labels and tied on pretty Halloween colored ribbons. Boo y’all and I hope you all have a safe Halloween night! DSCF0745-002 DSCF0742-001DSCF0748-003

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Regan and Blaine

I’m shooting their wedding in January and I’m excited about shooting her bridals very soon, today I shot some engagement photos of them at River Ranch, here’s a peek for them to see!

reagan blaine color blaine reagan bw

Its obvious that they’re very much in love and its adorable that their father’s introduced them and they’ll  become family in January.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Solid Walls, Sheet Rock and Brick

Solid wall interiors – Check, Brick – Being Layed, Sheet Rock – Coming Wednesday! We can hardly believe how well everything is coming together! When Bruce Courville showed up yesterday and started laying brick it sure felt like progress was being made and I LOVE how the brick looks! These photos show the beginning of the brick process and the brick looks a little dark because of the rain we had Thursday and he assures us that it will lighten up a good bit. I’ll update with new photos soon.

DSC02974-014 DSC02963-004 DSC02967-007 DSC02969-009 DSC02970-010

Here are a few views of the interior with our solid walls up and the sheet rock waiting to be hung this coming week!


This is the corner entry into the pantry in my kitchen.DSC02978-001

This is the view from the living room into the dining area through the archway.DSC02980-002

The photo above and below here are of the living room from the kitchen.DSC02981-003 DSC02982-004

The stairway and entry to my office above and the entry at the rear of the house to our bedroom and the elevator.DSC02983-005 DSC02984-006

The back of the living room, archway to kitchen/dining and stairs.DSC02985-007

The stairway leading to the upstairs den.DSC02988-008

Another view into the kitchen from the living room.

This weekend is homecoming at NISH in New Iberia, Erica’s got big plans and she and I will be doing some shopping and preparing for the meal that has been planned for her and 32 of her closest friends who are all riding on a Trolly together. Please say a little prayer for their safety and everyone else’s who participates. Some of the other mom’s and I have planned the driving for the after party and beyond and also a lovely meal before. Should be a memorable night for everyone, I’m the official photographer for the group and will be adding photos to my blog this evening!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Glenmora Flea Marketing

After leaving the 7 mile garage sale we drove up to Glenmora, Louisiana which is about 20 miles south of Alexandria. Its a pretty little city with lovely flea market stores on the main street. Here are some photos I shot in around around Glenmora.

DSC02898-007 DSC02897-006

Our mother taught us never to go on a road trip without snacks and drinks, so with this family tradition I made sure our back seat guests never wanted for anything. We all enjoyed the snacks and drinks!

DSC02921-025 DSC02901-009

There were two lovely fountains on the main street where the antique and flea market stores were located on the boulevard.DSC02914-018 DSC02915-019 DSC02916-020

There are lots of people who make headboards with old mantles. This is the firs time I see them take a waterbed headboard and make a mantle! Some people are so creative! We were looking for a headboard and got a few ideas here on how we could make one for Erica’s bedroom!

DSC02920-024 DSC02903-010

Someone very creative thought to take all sorts of old buttons, earrings and broaches and make this adorable Christmas decoration.

DSC02905-011 The little TomTom navigation system told us to turn around a whole bunch of times, wanting us to go on up to Alexandria instead of taking back roads up to Glenmora through Turkey Creek, Dave said he would have done better with this mounted on the dashboard of his truck than the TomTom. DSC02908-013

A Better sign we could never have found!  I had a great time with my baby sister shopping and perusing these stores! She’s just way too much fun!DSC02907-012DSC02909-014

Found that pretty little jadite refrigerator box, but it was pricy… there was an extra lid on top and just the lid was $20. I heart the cranberry glass on the right at the bottom. Another set that i just love but there were only six glasses. They were in mint condition, not a scratch anywhere on them.


I adored this little blue and white tea cup, I would have purchased it, but that would have started a whole new collection and you know we can’t have that!  I could never pass up any opportunity to make the baby sister put on a hat and pose … so cooperative and isn’t she lovely, the hat matched her pretty red shirt! You can read her wonderful and entertaining blog here: Under The Cajun Sun.DSC02919-023

I look forward to our next flea marketing and antiquing adventure, I tried to talk Dee into going somewhere today but she has too much to do in preparation for the swim meet this weekend that her kiddos will be participating in.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

7 Mile Garage Sale (Part #3)

I have one more day to post after today, our little trip to Glenmora, but today I wanted to post a few photos of the goodies I got while shopping this past weekend with Deb, Norm and Dave. I didn’t score big with a bed for Eri (and I’m still hunting for that!) but here’s a few pics of the goods.


Four pretty green glasses found at a gift shop on the highway between Arnaudville and Grand Coteau.DSCF0533-003

I’ve started collecting these pretty cream pitchers for a project I want to make for Christmas. The one above was a whole .25 cents!


So far I have four crystal creamers and the one Homer Laughlin cream colored one. I just love it!DSCF0535-005

I don’t know what these little dishes were designed for… but for .50 cents a piece I couldn’t pass them up and I really will find a project for them!

DSCF0536-006 DSCF0537-007

This little crystal vase was brand new with the tag still on it for ONE DOLLAR! (5 inches high and 5 inches across!)DSCF0538-008

This was one of my best finds of the day. I found them (lid and base) in Glenmora at Ann’s Antiques. The lid was in one booth at the back of the store and the base with the pretty raspberry colored strip around the middle was in another booth in the front of the store. I’ve seen these, which are 11 inches high for up to $35.00 for a set. I got the top for $1.00 and the base for $2.00. It really pays to be observant! There’s no scratches on the raspberry strip around it, the glass just reflected my camera flash and a few other lights that were around the room! No big finds on this trip but I sure did have a wonderful time! Yes, I am a dishware fanatic.