Sunday, June 24, 2012

An Evening with the Girls

Last night Krista left Caroline with us for the first time for a few hours to celebrate friend Cody’s birthday at a Fiesta his wife Lauren threw for him. We enjoyed having the girls over and I especially loved how sweet Kali was with baby Caroline.

Kali Marie-015 Kali arrived in the little pajamas I made for her yesterday afternoon.

kali new pjs Here she is reading while baby Caroline naps in her little cradle.

kali reading to caroline-017 It wasn’t long until they were both sleeping peacefully.

girls sleeping Good night, sleep tight… and she did just that, after falling asleep she didn’t wake up, even when Kris got here to pick her up. Looking forward to our first over night sleepover with these girls some day in the not too distant future!

sleeping caroline

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Favorite

With each photo session I have I always have a favorite shot, today’s photos of Caroline were especially sweet, but this one is my favorite. She is sleeping so peacefully and I adore her little headband and bow, I love how dainty is it on her. Hope y’all are having a wonderful day!

Sleeping Caroline

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Caroline @ one week old

Krista brought Caroline over one day at about a week old and we took some beautiful photos of her. She was so cooperative and adorable in her baby clothes. We had so much fun dressing her up and she is just too cute!


She arrived wide awake and happy in her little play onesie.



I bathed her and we put a sweet little pink bow in her hair. She was all ready for her photo shoot.


I had to get a few of her in the lovely antique bassinet in my bedroom.



After a few minutes she was ready for a little nap in the new baby crib in my office.


After a little snack we changed her into this sweet soft pink striped gown with little ballerina slippers on the bodice and Kris added a flower to her headband.


I just love the little detail shots, especially of baby toes!




We didn’t get around to putting this sweet little gown Krista designed and had made for her, that’s why there is always a next time ;)

Sleeping on Pop(web)

Here’s a sweet shot of her sleeping on Pop before we got our day under way.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Before and After

During Krista’s maternity shoot we took a photo of her on the landing of the staircase and planned to shoot another in the same setting, same clothing, but with baby Caroline replacing her tummy. I love how this came out and it will be adorable in the baby’s nursery.

bef aft web

Sweet Baby Caroline

She arrived on June 1st and immediately stole our hearts, she’s a sweet, happy and healthy baby girl and we’re so lucky to have her.


She weighed seven pounds one ounce and had a head full of dark brown hair. We have yet to determine her eye color, though it looks like they’re hazel right now.


Her mama was totally smitten with the first kiss.

fam of 5 web-016

Their first family photo with Caroline.

Krista Kali Caroline-015 We sure love our three girls.

DSC_7937-010 Kali is already a super big sister and loves her so much already!

DSC_7961-013 We love her beautiful head of dark hair, so pretty for bows and little headbands!

Caroline & Lolli-001

A photo of me and Caroline, she’s so very alert just shortly after being born! Love those little pink lips!

DSC_7916-009 A photo of Pop and Alex with baby Caroline the night she was born.

DSC_7611-003 Aunt Lexi holding her.

DSC_7610-002 A photo with Aunt Erica.

DSC_7959-012 Kali is fast becoming an awesome photographer, she is learning so much about taking photos, she sure knows how to pose for one!

DSC_7956-011 We used the wreath we made for the baby shower on the hospital door to help friends and family find us!

I’m looking forward to posting many more photos of our sweet baby girl as she grows over the years!