Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kali Wins Again!

This little girl has a heap of determination and a great attitude. She spent a few days at CHS attending the Dance Team’s Summer Dance Clinic. The theme was Hawaiian Luau and she was hula-ing her way to another super win. She was awarded the big spirit stick for her age division and we are so proud of her! Way to go Kali! You’re an excellent little dancer and we love your ‘give it your all’ attitude! Super great job! Here are some highlights of the performance the dancers had for the families. Her second cousin, Kayla also attended the dance clinic and is pictured with her in some of these shots.

DSCF5948-004 DSCF5940-001 DSCF5942-002 DSCF5946-003 Dance girls dance! You’re doing great!

 DSCF5949-005 DSCF5950-006DSCF5951-007

We’re so proud of our girl Kali!

DSCF5964-008 Thanks to Hailey for always making Kali feel welcome when she arrives in the mornings and for giving her encouragement to do her best! We appreciate that you watch over our little angel when she’s at CHS Clinics!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Engagement Party Photos

Here are a few more photos from the engagement party, it was so nice of all of Krista and Zach’s friends to be at the party. It truly made it special for them! Thanks to everyone who came!


Brie, Krista and Lauren … BFFs since Kindergarten/1st Grade!


Krista’s dance friends Lauren and Ali, these girls spent a whole lot of time growing up and enjoying dance activities, class and conventions together.


Krista’s cousins Natalie and Jennifer, so very special to Krista!


Alexa and Erica share this special night with their older sister, totally beautiful girls all three!


A photo with Dave and me, Kris and Dave always have a giggle fest when its time to take photos, they can be so silly! Welcome to the family Zach!

DSCF5771-005 Jennifer and Chris


Lauren and Cody

DSCF5782-008 Jude and Brandi

DSCF5783-009 The newly engaged Jered and Brienne

DSCF5787-011Thea and Kip


Alecia and Alexa

DSCF5790-014 Claire and Davey

DSCF5791-015 Brooke and Chad


Val and Seth

(Who wouldn’t get on the wharf to take a photo!)


Thanks to my lovely sister Deb and her husband Norm for helping us SO much on this occasion, we love you and appreciate everything you do for us!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Three Fabulous Dads!

I’m so fortunate to have three of the most wonderful men in the world in my life. My own father, Donald, my husband, David and my son Davey are all absolutely fabulous fathers. They’re loving, giving, tender hearted, hard working, generous and really great people. I’m proud of each of them for their ability to love their children with their whole hearts and to be a shining example of what great fatherhood is all about.

DSC03206-023 My Daddy and Mama on their 50th anniversary.

My wonderful husband David and me earlier this year while antiquing.

Claire Alex Eli Davey Our son David with his lovely wife Claire and their beautiful sons, Alex and Elijah.

Happy Father’s Day these fabulous Dads and to all the wonderful father’s out there!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blue Ribbon Camp at ASH

Kali attended the Blue Ribbon Camp this past week at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Grand Coteau. She enjoyed all the wonderful activities like horse back riding, sports, learning camp songs and swimming a whole bunch. On Friday Erica and I drove up to Grand Coteau to watch the camper’s program being presented for the campers parents and friends. She was chosen Outstanding Camper and got a Taekwondo medal for her age group. Kali, we’re so very proud of you, you excel in everything that you do, you work hard and have a super attitude, you did a great job at camp!

DSCF5859-002 DSCF5850-001

Here Kali is singing with her friends for the parents presentation.

DSCF5866-006 DSCF5862-003

Kali and her friend Luke from SES were chosen as super campers! DSCF5864-004 We’re so proud of you baby girl!!

DSCF5865-005 Kali with her camp counselor Carly.

 DSCF5871-007 DSCF5874-008 DSCF5877-009DSCF5881-010

The grounds of ASH is absolutely gorgeous, I couldn’t help capture a few shots of it as Erica and I were leaving after the morning program.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Destin-ation Vacation

Davey and Claire took the boys to Destin last week for a little vacation, they met up with some of their friends there. Adam went with them and they all had a fabulous time.

While they were there Claire took a few photos of the boys playing in the sand at the beach with Davey that I want to share here on my blog. We’ll be going to the beach in a few weeks with the boys and are really looking forward to it. Alex is in the green shorts and Eli the blue in these photos.

 DSC07659-028DSC07658-027 DSC07631-001 DSC07636-006 DSC07639-009 DSC07640-010 DSC07643-012 DSC07645-014 DSC07646-015 DSC07648-017 DSC07649-018 DSC07650-019 DSC07652-021 They loved the sand… Eli wasn’t fond of being in the water but they both had a blast digging holes with their Daddy and Ian. I love their little sailor hats! Before they left I packed up some fun treats for them. An ice chest with berry snacks and juice, a bag of snacks for the road and a whole lot of sand toys. The boys were excited when they saw the surprise and really loved them!

DSCF5696-003 DSCF5697-004 DSCF5698-005 DSCF5699-006 DSCF5700-007 DSCF5701-008 DSCF5702-009 DSCF5703-010 DSCF5704-011 DSCF5705-012 DSCF5706-013 DSCF5707-014

I created all the little tags with Shabby Miss Jenn’s awesome new “Hawaiian Vacation” kit.

This is a layout I made with it featuring a photo from our trip to Perdido Key last summer. Claire and the twins at the beach for the day.

Fun at the Beach