Monday, November 30, 2009

Exterior and Brick Updates!

I’ve got new photos of the house, the exterior brick is almost all finished, the brick layer will be coming back to finish some details, build the step in the patio at the back door and to build the front and back courtyard and patio area brick posts. But for now we have a bricked house! In the first two photos you can see the copper roofing on the little front porch area and over the dormers on my office and utility room. There’s a little bit of roofing that needs to be replaced around the dormers and then they’ll take that cover material and the boards off the roof. The copper is already starting to get a pretty patina on it. I’ll try to take more photos when the light is better. This particular day was a little gloomy. Dave’s also done a lot of clean up around the house… especially in the back. Can’t wait to see the exterior shutters going on the house and the little courtyard in the front, its going to really dress the house up!

 DSCF1642-001 DSCF1645-002 DSCF1653-003 DSCF1656-004 DSCF1658-006

The living room is almost filled up with cabinetry. We’re going to have a WHOLE lot of storage area in the home and these cabinets are going to be fabulous, especially in the utility room where they cover EVERY wall to the ceiling! Those tall units are going into the closets, all of our drawers will be in the closets, uncluttering the bedrooms was a very important thing for me, these will certainly give us plenty of storage without chests of drawers and dressers in the bedrooms. All the vanities and closet units are finished except the master bath vanity, Dave’s shower area cabinets, and above toilet storage cabinets. Those will come next and the kitchen will be last, we have a good bit of trim material to wait for before they start the kitchen. By Wednesday of this week the trim will be delivered for the house, I can’t wait to see it all!

DSCF1652-004 DSCF1646-001 DSCF1650-002 DSCF1651-003

We’re going to be painting all the cabinetry and antiquing the kitchen and master bath areas. Should be so pretty!!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Thanksgiving Photos

Here are a few more photos from our Thanksgiving Gathering and Debbie’s birthday on Thursday. Enjoy!

 A_DSC03283-001 A_DSC03295-002

A_DSC03397-009A_DSC03319-003 A_DSC03327-004   A_DSC03346-007 A_DSC03376-008 A_DSC03333-005A_DSC03340-006


My sister Deb with a jacket we gave her for her BDay, she and I were shopping together in Lafayette the other day and she found it, perfect timing, I got it for her special day!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

What Santa doesn’t bring me…

… Grandma Will! So this is pretty appropriate, I do love my lil Bubs and love making them smile. When I saw these little pajamas for the boys I just loved them and knew they’d be adorable in them! I was right! Too stinkin’ cute!!

Elijah is in the top photo and Alex is in the bottom one, they were putting on their hats, slippers and sweaters before leaving Ma and Pa’s house in Coteau to head home Thanksgiving night.

Scrapbooking Fun

Shabby Miss Jenn released FOUR new kits this week and I’ve got layouts created with each one of them. Here are my newest … go check out SMJ’s Shoppe and get savings on these lovely kits! Check out Shabby Miss Jenn’s Blog for all the new goodies!

Check out my gallery at SMJ to see larger versions of these layouts. Katy’s SMJ GalleryCoon Skin Caps (w) Winter Wonderland (w)kali loves pop loves kali (w) Kali's Got Spirit (w) Lolli Pop Party (w) Remember November 22, 1959 (w) Remember this Day (w) Safari of Lights 2009 (w)

Kayla's Christmas 2006

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

I hope you all have safe and fun filled days with good food, family and friends! I am thankful for my family and friends this holiday!


Happy Birthday Deborah!

Today is my baby sister’s birthday, I want to wish her a very Happy Day! I’ll be seeing her this afternoon at Mom and Dads house and we’re having a little cake to celebrate her! Today I’m thankful that my parents gave me such a sweet and loving baby sister! I love you Deb, I hope you have many more happy days!

Deb Web

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And the Spirit Stick goes to….

Yes, You guessed it! Little Miss Kali and we’re so proud of her! Kali attended the holiday jazz dance clinic at CHS this past Monday and Tuesday and had a blast with some of her favorite friends. Congratulations Kali, you make us proud!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Growing Family

Davey and Claire and the boys joined us all in celebrating Mama and Daddy’s anniversary this weekend. I got an adorable photo of the four of them together. The little ones are growing, I can’t wait to see how they react to the Christmas activities. I’m sure they’re going to love it! One thing that they aren’t really fond of is going to see Santa at the Mall, they tried this last week, got dressed up in their holiday clothes and gave it a shot, its just not something they’re into yet. Dave told me the evening that they were going that he didn’t think they’d be too fond of the idea, especially little Eli, and he was right. Soon enough they’ll accept the old man with the white beard and red suit. And so this year, I can’t wait to see them opening gifts, its going to be a real treat to see their excitement with each surprise!

Claire Alex Eli Davey

I’m a little bit partial, but those are some handsome boys and like they say, apples don’t fall far from the tree :) Claire is holding Alex and Eli is on Davey’s lap. You can see here that Mr. Alex is the more outgoing of the two, smiling for the camera. Lil Eli is just a bit more reserved and cautious, but man when he smiles he lights up the room. Just give him a little time and he’ll be grinning for the camera too!

Our Baby Girl is doing Fine!

Erica Wisdom Teeth

Erica had four wisdom teeth extracted this morning, she’s doing very well, resting comfortably in mama’s bed and the pain medicine and ice packs are doing the trick, keeping her comfortable and pain free. Here’s a shot of our sleeping princess. She was a giggler when she came out of the anesthesia, she laughed at every little thing, the more she giggled the faster her heart rate got, which made the beeping on the heart monitor which was attached to her finger … and she’d laugh even harder. We had to have the nurse turn it off so she could settle down. She spent the weekend at a Catholic Youth Retreat in Richard this weekend and was still on a spiritual high this morning, she told me that she got half way through the “Our Father” while they were administering the sleepy time meds, wasn’t sure if she was saying it out loud or not because she was nervous and just zonked out. I’m sure Our Heavenly Father was listening. She’s been very comfortable so far and is resting well. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she doesn’t develop dry socket, I hear that’s no fun at all! Thanks and have a super day!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mom and Dad’s Golden Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated our parents 50th wedding anniversary. Here are a few photographic highlights from the day. Mom and Dad at church where they renewed their vows.  My sister Deb made a beautiful cake for the occasion. Detail photos and a picture of them with their cake.


DSCF1610-120 DSCF1514-041 DSCF1519-045 DSCF1520-046 Daddy bought mama this beautiful amethyst ring for their anniversary.DSCF1592-102

Congratulations Mama and Daddy, we love you both bunches! More celebration photos tomorrow.

Safari of Lights

Kali, Alex and Eli went to the zoo with their parents and met up with lots of friends and cousins while they were there. They all enjoyed the evening and the lights were beautiful! Krista took a few nice shots and I’ve made a collage from them.

Safari of Lights

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A little something…

… to munch on before the game. I made a little platter of fresh fruit and cheese.


And a little something to eat after the game tonight. Krista and Zach came over with Kali, Ian and Dominic for a supper of chicken alfredo, green salad and crispy buttered garlic bread.


Everything was yummy and we enjoyed the rest of the evening. Alexa is out watching New Moon with one of her friends, Erica is at a youth group retreat in Richard, Louisiana and Kris and Zach have taken the kids home. Its just my honey and me left at the house, I think we’ll get things ready for the gumbo tomorrow for Mom & Dad’s anniversary celebration. Have a wonderful evening!

Congratulations Nurse Krista!

Last night Krista made us proud! She graduated from nursing school and was awarded the Clinical Excellence Award by the school of nursing. Here are a few highlights from the evening.


Kali was honored to pin her mother during the pinning ceremony.




Krista with her teacher Yvonne Broussard after receiving her diploma.


Krista also led the graduating class in the Nurse’s prayer.



Dave gave Krista a beautiful bouquet of her favorite flowers. He is so proud of all of her accomplishments.0038

Brie, Lauren and their boyfriends Cody and Jered were there to celebrate Krista’s big night with her.


Family members who came out to support her for her graduation. Her Godmother Chandra, Alexa, Granny Nettie, Dad Dave and Kali Marie.0007

Photos from our supper at la Hacienda afterward.

Alecia and Alexa


Chandra and Granny


Cody and Lauren


Brie and Jered


Krista and Kali


Krista and Zach



Couldn’t help but add one last photo of Little Miss Kali, she was such a well behaved little girl tonight at her mom’s graduation. You can see how proud she is of her mama here. Congratulations my girl Kris, we love you and are so proud of you!!