Sunday, May 31, 2009

Alex and Eli's First Boating Adventure

Alex and Elijah both were such big boys on our boating trip yesterday. They wore their new life jackets Mama and Daddy bought them and although Eli was a little apprehensive at first, he warmed up to it and enjoyed himself! Alexa and Davey had fun riding the big tube pulled behind the boat too! We're so happy that the boys have good sea legs because they've got a lot of fishing and water sports in their future! Alex is in the yellow life jacket and Elijah is in the red.

Summer Companion

Mrs. Louisa and Kali, Kali and Abigail, Mrs. Janis and Kali

Here's little Miss Kali with her teachers and sweet friend Abigail. She had her end of the year Pre K Mass and was a litergical dancer. One of the photos is when she went up for Monsignor's blessing during mass.
I've got a little side kick for the summer. She finished school last week and we're enjoying our time together while Mom's in clinicals. Kali loves watching movies when riding to Lafayette a few times a week to bring Erica to swim team practice. While Eri's at practice she and I run errands and go shopping. We're going to have a super fun summer!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pop, Alex & Eli ... Friday Night Fun!

Our little sweeties spent the day with me on Friday when their sitter had a Dr's appointment. After work Pop came home and the boys had their supper and a bath then it was play time! They adore their Pop and he adores them. When their Daddy was a little boy Pop used to get him all worked up before bed and I'd fuss and fuss at him, in the long run he'd wear them out and they'd sleep soundly, he's carrying on the tradition with them!

New Floral Arrangements

I went to Victory Silks this week in Lafayette and found a few arrangments that really are inspiring me for the color palette in my den in the new house. I've always loved light soft green, add to it a pretty chocolate brown, taupe, cream and a soft warm salmon color and I think I could live with it for quiet some time. I shot a few photos of the arrangements in my den for a peek. Whatcha think? Aren't the textures just lovely!

Cynthia's Blog Giveaway!

Here's a fresh new blog I found ... and she's having a blog anniversary giveaway! Check it out! Click on the image to see her site and register for the giveaway too!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Davey and Tablescape Thursday May 27, 2009

I'm posting a little 'gentlemanly' tablescape this week in honor of our birthday boy. Our son turned 27 today on May 27th. We all went out for a delicious pizza supper at our favorite Pizza Place in town. Even though we didn't celebrate at home we'll be dining with this tablescape soon! I got the little fish dishes at a local Family Dollar store along with the cups and fish salt and pepper shakers. I picked up the dinner plates on sale at Pier 1 for under $4.00, they were a perfect match for the dishes. The shell napkin rings and placemats were also from Pier 1.

We celebrated our son's 27th birthday today on May 27th! He's such a wonderful man and a great dad and supportive husband. We're very proud of the man he's become and feel blessed to have him in our lives.
Davey and Claire with the twins after supper.

Dave and Davey with Alex and Elijah tonight after the birthday supper for Davey at Pizza Place.
Please check out Susan's blog "Between Naps on the Porch" and join us for Tablescape Thursday. There are so many inspiring tablescapes posted every week, be sure to check them out! The link is on my right side bar.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day in the Country

We all went to my parents house in the country for Memorial Day, Dad barbecued and Mama made her usual delicious dishes with garden fresh veggies. Everything was scrumptious! Brandi made a cake, we brought a huge watermelon and Deb brought ice cream for afternoon snacks after swimming.

Alex and Eli started the day out by exploring at the barnyard with Pop and Dad Davey, then they went to Maddie's house to see her six week old kittens with Mama Claire.

After our yummy lunch Kali and the big kids went swimming. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a fun time hanging out together.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Take a Gander at these Fine Boys!

They're sweeter than the sugar cane outside and they're all ours! Aren't we lucky! Wednesday night I whipped up a spaghetti in the afternoon for the boys and Claire so they could have a little easy supper while Davey's in Texas. They came over right after work and from daycare and we played for a bit before chowing down! Lemme tell you,... these little boys can put away some sketties!! And HOW! They ate like little troopers, then Nanny Erica helped Mama Claire with their baths. I shot these photos of them when they got out of the tub, all squeaky clean and man did they smell sweet! That night time baby bath with the lavander is some kinda good, I'm thinkin' I should have a soak in the stuff soon!~ Enjoy the pics... and check out their curly locks! Its no wonder, what with the curly headed parents they come from,... its so pretty too! They're going to get big boy hair cuts soon and it'll be off with their curls, I'm glad we got to take a pic of them first!
I'm heading off to bed now, tomorrow Kali's got her end of the year Mass at school and the Pre K class will be participating just like the big kids did all year! She's so excited to be involved ... and thrilled that Nanny Lexi and Aunt Erica along with the twins, Alex and Eli will be going with me to enjoy it all!! I'm going to post some end of the year party photos this weekend as well as some from the Mass. Have a happy Friday!