Friday, January 30, 2009

Today I'm with the boys!

I'm spending the day with Alex and Eli at their home, the babysitter wasn't available and I'm so excited and happy to be able to spend the entire day with them! We had a fun morning. They must have waken up early, because they were ready to go down for naps at 9 AM. They only slept for about an hour, when they woke up they played with their toys and we read books together. Those boys sure love books! At 11 AM they had their soy milk in a big boy sippy cup, chicken noodle baby food, a mashed fresh banana I brought them and they were still hungry so I chopped up two big red juicy strawberries for each of them and they ate those too. They played happily until around one, then they both started getting fussy, we changed diapers, called their Daddy and he said they probaby were ready for naptime. They went down in their beds without one little peep, they really were tired. I tidied up the kitchen then logged on here to give an update to my blog.I took a few photos with Claire's camera, which really needs to be adjusted... the images are way too dark. I did a little editing with the primative Adobe Elements 3.0 that was on their computer and I have this one photo to share with you of them playing with one of their favorite toys. Alex and Eli are both walking around so much lately, its just too cute to see them getting around on two feet rather than on all fours! It also makes them more mobile and faster at getting around! Enjoy the pic and have a super day!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Here are our three boys wearing their Saint's football team beanies at Granny's house just before they left to go home last night. They're just too, too cute!!

Sunday was Granny's Birthday!

We all celebrated Granny's 80th birthday by eating lunch together at Charlie's. I cooked some crabcakes and pork loin for supper and had her over again. Afterward we all went to Granny's house for cheesecake and to visit. Kali, Alex and Eli had a wonderful time at Granny's house.

Kali and Katie

Kali spent the weekend with Katie at her side, Katie is a panda bear who is one of the mascots of her school. She is named after Saint Katherine Drexel who is the patron saint of her school as well. She and Katie had a fun filled weekend and they even dressed alike for Mass on Sunday. Photos by Katy and Krista. Layouts to come shortly.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Afternoon Light Through my Window

I just adore the sweet light that comes through my kitchen window and lights up my tables. Its such a lovely warm glow, making everything magically beautiful! Captured with my Fuji camera, F13:1/60:ISO 400 & Fill Flash. Edited with PSCS and vignette added. Click on the layout to see a larger sized version of it in my SMJ gallery.

Alex and Eli's First Birthday Party!

Alex is in the red sweater.

Elijah is in the navy sweater.
Click on the cake to see photos from Alex and Eli's first birthday party which was held on Saturday at their house. Everyone had a wonderful time, we had so many family and friends come to help us celebrate our sweet boy's big day! The weather was cool but beautiful, the food was delicious, the cake was adorable (great choice Claire!) and the presents were overflowing on the table. Our boys sure are loved! Thanks to everyone for making this such a special day for Alex and Elijah!

Friday Night with Alex & Eli

Our sweet boys came over on Friday night so Davey and Claire could get ready for the big first birthday party on Saturday, man did they ever have a fun time playing with Pop and new toys they got for Christmas. They're just so stinkin cute! We love our boys! ... and these boys sure love their Pop a lot!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cards from Kissed Studio Templates

Available exclusively at Shabby Miss Jenn Designs

Valentine's Day Goodies at SMJ!

The top three layouts were created with my new Kissed Studio templates available exclusively at Shabby Miss Jenn Designs.

I created all these layouts with the new goodies out at Shabby Miss Jenn! Some were made with Love Shack which was the 2008 Valentine's day kit. Its one of my all time favorites!! The Love Potion kit is just gorgeous and there are new templates available at SMJ from Kissed Studio too! Check em out here! ---->Shabby Miss Jenn Designs Click on the link to my SMJ Gallery on the right to see full credits and larger versions of the layouts.

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Daily Digi Site

Janet Philips has put together a super site with great product and wonderful ideas! You can find it here: I created my layout project here using the Shabby Miss Jenn part of the Digi Files #1 package. The whole thing is simply awesome! Check it out!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Beautiful and Wonderful

Just like my friend Janey, the tableware accessories she sent are just gorgeous. Its really amazing to have such sweet and thoughtful friends like her. She's remodelled and updated her kitchen and a few other areas in her home, and she hasn't shared photos with me because she's not 'done' decorating it, she's going to do it up right I'm positive! But she took the time to go to T.J. Maxx, which is a favorite store of mine, found a piece of dishware that matches my new robin's blue and sent it to me, along with those two finial decorative pieces and the sweet little apple green candles and holders. How lucky can a girl be to have friends like Janey? I gotta say THE luckiest! Thank you sweet friend, you sure did make this girl smile! I love it all, but especially you, your thoughtfulness never ceases to amaze me! Can't wait to get together soon! XOXO!

The little red heart dessert dishes were found when my sweet honey Dave took me shopping on the way home from a trip to New Orleans this past weekend. Aren't they just lovely!?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Toys for Two

A little layout using Shabby Miss Jenn's great Rock Star Boy kit! Alex and Eli enjoying play time at Lolli's house while their Daddy feeds the animals after work. Click on the layout to see a larger version in my gallery at SMJD. Have a super weekend, we're off to New Orleans for a concert. Will be back Sunday!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Soup, Salad and Ettoufee

Tonight I made a cauliflower soup with the recipe I found on Confessions of a Pioneer Woman Blog in the cooking section. It was a fabulous recipe, very easy to follow and tasted scrumptious. The sour cream in it was the perfect finishing touch! Bravo Ree! I used the recipe I learned from my friend Kim from Hendersonfor the ettoufee, she learned it from her mama, a great cook in her own right! It never fails to come out just right, she told me when she taught me how to cook it, it only takes 20 minutes from start to finish, so put your rice pot on before you start whithering the onions. Comes out great every time... and a little tip, don't season the pot until you turn the heat off and let the dish stand for five or so minutes. It keeps the crawfish from becoming rubbery and tough. Tender and scrumptious every single time! Thanks Kim! My sister in law Belinda and her husband San and my mother in law Nettie came over to enjoy the meal with Dave, Erica and myself. We watched the Florida Gators whoop the Oklahoma Sooners for the BCS College National Championship. Great job Tim Tebow! What a game! Served supper on my pretty new dishes, everything tastes better on a beautifully set table!~

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This photo is from a graduate session I had with our middle daughter Alexa. A lift of Nevache... I've used this template I created for my own use a few times before, it never fails to satisfy! Love the style. TY Gerarda! Click on the image to see a larger version and credits in my SMJ Gallery.

Remember This

Layout featuring Alex and Eli and their nightly pacifier choice. Click on the layout to see credits and journaling.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Afternoon Nap with Aunt Erica

Kali and Eri had a nice long nap together the other day, it was chilly and they spent the day together, watching movies, coloring and drawing ... then snuggled up for a good one. Click on the layout for a larger version and credits in my SMJD gallery!

Cellular Connection

When we went over to visit at their house last night Eli loved playing with Pop's cell phone. It just tickled him that Pop would let him hold it and play with it for a good long time.

Calling 9-1-1

Last night when we went over to visit the boys and Davey and Claire ... little Alex was playing with the house phone and called 9-1-1. We didn't know about it until a little while later when there was a knock on the door and a policeman was there asking if everything was ok and telling us there was a call to the 9-1-1 operator from the house. Lolli was taking photos of the boys playing with the cell phone and the house phone and thats why we have a layout of the event.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Everyone is wishing everyone else a 'happy' new year. What brings me happiness and joy... Family! My loving husband, my amazing children and their beautiful little ones. Beginning the new year with a post about them makes me very, very happy! Enjoy this New Year's Day, I hope it is a safe and happy one for every one of you!
The photos of the boys were taken when Davey and Claire went to a party. They were energetic and fun after bathtime in their adorable little Tabasco pajamas. They're sleeping in their own beds now, its so amazing is that they rarely wake one another up, one can tune out the other's crying and sleep soundly. They're such sweet and happy babies!! I'm so lucky to have them in my life!
The photograph of Kali was taken across the street from Aunt Dee's house when Kali went to Aunt Brandi's college graduation party. She's such a sweet and pretty girl, I feel blessed that she's part of my life!
Happy New Year from Cajun Country!