Wednesday, April 30, 2008

All Smiles

Last week Krista took this photo of Ian and Kali and I just had to include it in today's images of the kiddos. Their smiles reflect how happy these two are and how much they like being together. The other two stinkin' sweet little guys are absolutely all smiles lately and I'm just eating it up!

Monday, April 28, 2008

The boys love...

... their swings. We put them in Kali's swing last week and they loved it so much that Pop and I got them another one so they could each swing at the same time. Kali had the ocean swing with fish and water bubbling sounds, the new one has a tropical theme with birds on it and they really love them both. I'm starting my last full week with the boys today, then the nanny will start three days a week next week. Though I will still have lots of time with them, I'm pretty sad about it and will be making the most of my time this with them this week! Have a wonderful day!~

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another sweet photo of Kali preparing for her Luau Birthday Party in a few weeks. She loves the grass skirt and the leis. Shabby Miss Jenn's new Peony Berries kit is perfect for this photo of Kali! Click on the image to see a larger version in my gallery at SMJ!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Shabby Miss Jenn Kits!!

The new Shabby Miss Jenn kits "Hipster Moms" and "Peony Berries" are simply fabulous! I adore the colors and elements, so easy and fun to scrap with. Here are two layouts I created with them. Click on the layouts above to see the larger versions in my DigiShopTalk and My Scrapbook Place galleries.

The first layout is of our little guys having one of their afternoon naps. The next one features a photo of Kali with her mom for dance recital which took place last weekend, and lastly we are planning a luau for Kali's fourth birthday and I shot some adorable photos of her in her luau attire, watch for more layouts soon with those photos!

Have a super weekend!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Still Smiling...

Elijah James and Alex Scott

Every single day these smiles get bigger and brighter. We're so lucky to have such happy little guys! Have a wonderful Friday!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

All Smiles and Growing Like Weeds

Here's a little comparison for ya, pics of Eli and Alex on their month birthdays. They're growing so fast! We're using the bears to give a good idea of how much they grow by the month. (Thanks Ms. Jaci!)

The other pics of the boys were taken on Monday and they are all smiles every day lately! Just too cute!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Kali and the Big Show

Kali was an amazing performer this past Saturday night when the whole family and loads of friends showed up to watch her dance in her first dance recital at Paige's Dance Studio. She had the most lovely smile and performed like a star! Here she is photographed with friends back stage before her dances. After both of her numbers were done, she came out to meet me and Pop in the audience, we have a feeling she will be doing this for a long time to come, just like her mama! Congrats Kali on a fabulous show!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Last Friday.... with the boys!

These boys are just growing like weeds! They're so alert and active and want to sit up all the time now, they're not content laying on their backs as much as they were a few weeks ago. They're cooing and smiling all the time now too, which is just so much fun. We love how interactive and social they're becoming! Have a happy and safe Sunday!

Frame and Paper by Shabby Miss Jenn Designs

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Little Dancing Queen

Kali had rehearsal for her first dance recital last night and she was a total doll! She knew her dances SO well and was on the beat for her ballet and tap numbers! She's a total natural, just like her mama!

Tonight's the big show and she's got a huge audience of family and friends coming to see her! Good Luck Kali!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


... at our house, the three sweetest kiddos on earth :) So I'm partial, I just love em!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

There's nothing as sweet as a sleeping baby and I never get tired of taking photos of the boys while they're napping. Too sweet! Today the boys are at our home with me and I'm sure I'll be posting another photo or two of them by naptime!
Everything in the layout is by Christina Renee Designs except for the stitching which is by Syrin. Click on the image to see a larger version in my DST gallery.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Kali and Krista came to the boy's house after school and I shot a few pics with them feeding Alex and Eli. The boys will be 13 weeks this Thursday and they must weigh around 13 pounds already (last weigh in at the Dr. a few weeks back they were 12.5+ lbs). Kali won't be able to handle them for much longer as they're a third of her weight, but with Lolli sitting close by she does just fine holding a bottle every once in a while and she really enjoys it! I just can't describe how nice it is to be able to have this time with all three of the kiddos, how lucky am I? Very! Indeed, very!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Such sweet kiddies...

Images taken: April 09, 2008
I shot these photos of the little ones, Kali holding Eli for one of his naps. She adores helping with the little ones. Alex after his afternoon nap, talking up a storm, the boys really are getting to be verbal lately, cooing and talking a lot, especially in the morning when they wake up and after naps. They are also smiling constantly now. And one last photo of them in their crib, they were watching the mobile and talking out loud. They're such sweet boys!

Friday, April 11, 2008

New Freebie at Kissed Studio

There's a new freebie template up at Kissed Studio, (which is my scrapbooking template site/store for all of you who aren't in the know.) There are two template versions, one for Fotofusion and one for Photo Shop users. I use Lumapix's Fotofusion to scrap, its the easiest, fastest, best digital scrapbooking program out on the market IMO. You can go to Lumapix's site and get the free download and give it a try, using templates makes scrapping very easy and fun! Do watch the video demo on the Lumapix site to better understand the program and what it can do for you. If you should need info on where to put the template in your computer to be able to use it, lemmeneaux!
Click on the image to go to Kissed Studio to download the freebie! If you register at KS we will email you when there are new template packs or freebies up at the site.
I'm thinking about hosting/teaching a summer workshop/seminar about digital scrapbooking using Fotofusion, please post in my blog comment area if you would be interested in attending. I will put up more information on the blog as I decide on a date and location. You can see my galleries filled with the layouts and scrapbooking pages I've created by clicking on the links on the right side of my blog. I also create hybrid projects using Fotofusion, digital scrapbooking kits and items from craft and hobby stores. Some of those are also featured in my galleries.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hey Everyone! Watch this!!

I think this may just help make the day go by a little easier for the lil workin' mamas. The boys are just too adorable for words and we are indeed lucky to have them and that they're such healthy, happy lil guys! Enjoy Claire! Yesterday afternoon Kali sang to the boys and 'read' the 101 Dalmations Golden Book to them while they watched their mobile. The girl certainly has a flair for singing, the words aren't all very clear, but hey, she's three and a half and she sure has the melody down pat! Enjoy Krista! Eli and Alex got so excited when she showed them the pictures from the book too, gotta love a bunch of black and white puppies on the pages! I hope two videos in one day isn't overload! I'll be developing my website soon and hope to have many more videos of the kiddos on my blog!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This Sweet Girl

Is coming with me to take care of Alex and Eli today. Yesterday she held Eli's bottle while he ate the whole thing, she sure was a huge help for her mom while she fed Alex. Its going to be a fun day for me and the boys with her along! She posed herself when we were out shooting grad photos the other day, I just love how much style shes got at nearly four years old!

2 Sweet Boys

The journaling just says it all... I adore these little guys! I made this layout with the new "Lil Guys" kit by Shabby Miss Jenn. Its adorable and filled with sweet elements and fabulous papers! Click on the image to see a larger version in my gallery at SMJ.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Kali adores her baby dolls and here she is with one of them, she spent the night at our house and Pop brought her to school in the morning, she adores riding with Pop in his big truck. Click on image to see credits and larger version.

Weekend Adventure for Eli and Alex

This weekend one of Davey's new cows had her calf, so the boys and their parents went out in the pasture for a stroll to see it. It was such a pretty day for an outdoor ride. The boys also love watching the little Rainforest Bouncer waterfall and animals hopping about. And lastly a photo of Eli in the bumbo chair. The boys both really enjoy sitting up and looking around a lot.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lil Guys Layouts

I created three layouts for Alex and Eli with the new Shabby Miss Jenn kit named "Lil Guys" which is adorable! I love the soft colors in the kit, and the elements are just gorgeous. Its perfect for the photos of our lil guys! Click on the image to see the other two layouts in my gallery at

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Alexa

Happiest Birthday to you Lexi! Our beautiful middle daughter turned eighteen today! The whole family went out to supper together and she had a great day. She's graduating this year and I took these photos of her for senior portraits.

Wednesday Night with the Adorables

To give mom and dad a little time for a long nap, the boy spent the night last night. They were angels! Both of them were down by 10 PM and had a bottle at 4 AM. This photo was taken in the middle of the night with very little flash ... so the quality isnt the greatest. But I just wanted to share it anyway!

New Duds...

The boys are napping and I have a few moments to blog, so I'm here posting a few photos of the boys in some new clothes. They're growing out of everything so fast! I found some adorable new outfits for them yesterday afternoon and they're just too cute in them! Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spring Time Tablescape

I just love pretty dishes, this spring I had to hunt for quite some time to find exactly what I wanted. I found them at Burke's Outlet and I got a super deal! The bamboo ornamental centerpiece was a steal and finished off the table with a bit of an asian flair. The green and white is so adorable! Layout designed using all Shabby Miss Jenn Designs papers and elements. Click on the image to see a larger version in my gallery at My Scrapbook Art Gallery.

Good Morning Sunshine!

I created a layout with the photos I shot at naptime yesterday of my three little sleeping angels. Click on the image to see it in my gallery at Shabby Miss Jenn Designs.

Kit: Shabby Miss Jenn and Dani Mogstad - Vintage Garden FairiesPaper Stack: Shabby Miss Jenn - French Attic - Shabby Miss Jenn Designs

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Template Pack at Kissed Studio

Sonya and I have another template pack up in the store. Its based on some of my favorite graphic layouts I made. Today only its on sale for only $5! Check them out in the store here: Template Pack #13 Click on the images to see larger versions of them.

NO Foolin...

This April fool has been a seriously lovely day. Kali and the boys were so tired after their lunches that they all lay down and had wonderful afternoon naps together, giving me a little time to take photos and blog before they woke up.

Kali visited Granny this morning next door and helped her with some planting and watering, they had a nice visit and checked out the garden on the way home in the golf cart. I think Granny wore little Kali out. ;) Pop brought home a yummy lunch for Kali that she promptly ate right up. Her morning activities were: Jumping on the trampoline, working in her pre-school workbook, reading with Lolli and helping with diaper change time for Alex and Eli. She's such a great little helper.

Alex arrived first this morning while his baby brother went to the doctor's office. We had a fun morning filled with smiles and cooing. He's a cheerful little guy in the mornings! He loves looking out the window at the pretty trees in front of our den, he spent a good 20 minutes this morning doing just that before Mama arrived with Eli. (Alex had a fever over the weekend and went to the doctor for the same thing, he's feeling much better now and is almost finished with his meds.)

Baby Eli had a rough night last night, he ran fever and went to the doctor's office this morning, he's got a little ear issue that the doctor prescribed some medicine for and he'll be feeling better soon. He ran a slight fever after lunch but a dose of Tylenol had it down before he fell asleep for his nap. Even though he's feeling a little down, he's got a very good disposition and you'd hardly know he's feeling poorly. I hope he's over that nasty ear problem soon.

Two Months Old

I shot this photo of the boys when they turned two months old. Just now getting around to scrapping the photo! Have a good day!!

Shabby Miss Jenn Designs - Kit: Back To School