Monday, March 29, 2010

Ready for Grillin’ Tonight

I really love grilled suppers, they’re quick, easy, taste delicious and most of all good for you. We’re having hamburger patties, gigantic Portabella mushrooms, grilled peppers and asparagus. I’m paring these things with a fresh cucumber, grape tomato and sweet butter lettuce salad. I’m going to take photos after its grilled up and add them to my blog. Dave will be home soon!

ready for grillin 2 ready for grillin 1

I tossed a little olive oil onto the grill pan and rolled the asparagus and peppers around in it before lightly seasoning it with Camp Dog seasoning and brushed a bit of olive oil on the mushrooms, seasoned them and rubbed the undersides with garlic butter. Should be scrumptious!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Horizons Yesterday

Cesna182 four passenger plane  we took from Abbeville to Marksville.DSC06316-002 Yesterday I had the pleasure of going flying with Dave and his pilot trainer. Dave did a great job of handling the plane, it was a little windy and there were clouds in the sky, but he maneuvered through them to take us up to 4500 feet where the ride was very smooth.


We went from the Abbeville airport up to the Marksville air strip. Once we landed there was transportation to the casino driving up, we hopped in and had lunch at the casino before flying back to Abbeville. Here are a few photo highlight from our trip.

Our Property

Our Property 2

I really was comfortable in the back seat of this plane. The visibility was great and I was able to recognize a lot of places from the air.

 DSC06340-026 DSC06341-027

NO cramping up at all in the back row, lots of leg room.


Lake Peigneur in the middle of the photo.


on the lower left you can see the Cajun dome here, with Cajun Field in the lower left corner.


I love shopping in Washington at the Antique Schoolhouse Mall in Washington, its just off of HWY 49.



Inside the cockpit of the plane.


Dave and Raja doing the preflight check when we were leaving Marksville after our yummy lunch.


Captain Dave in the air over Opelousas.


We were over HWY 14 here, and this is a shot of the Delcambre Canal.

We had a fantastic and relaxing flight from Marksville back to Abbeville. It was smooth flying all the way.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little Swimmers

I got the little swimmers in my life new bathing suits. They’re going into their Easter baskets as an extra special surprise. We almost always buy the kids new suits around Easter time in anticipation of summer and going to the beach as a family!~

DSCF4068-012 Kali’s monogrammed two piece suit has a sweet little ruffled top.

DSCF4071-015 Alex’s trunks are aqua and white stripes with a kelly green “A” on them.


Eli’s are green and white stripe with a pretty aqua blue “E” on them.


They’re going to be extra cute at the beach in these suits!

Pink & Yellow Mood

Today I’m in a pink and yellow mood, have been for a while now, saw this color combination on a blog and decided I wanted to make a little setup of my own in these colors. Super 1 in town had some pretty pink roses and I found the yellow flowers at Walmart and headed home with my pink and yellow candies in tow to put it all together.

  DSCF4056-001 DSCF4058-003    DSCF4062-007DSCF4060-005 DSCF4063-008DSCF4059-004 DSCF4065-009DSCF4061-006 DSCF4057-002DSCF4067-011DSCF4066-010

Easter Bunny Kit

@ Shabby Miss Jenn Designs. Two layouts I created using the new kit. We can’t wait til this year’s Easter Celebration! The little ones have grown so much in this past year!

Easter Hunting SES 2009 (w) Easter Egg Hunting (A&E) (w)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Eggstravaganzoo at the Zoo of Acadiana

Ian, Kali, Eli and Alex went to the Zoo of Acadiana on Saturday for the Easter celebration. Their cousins Riley, Kayla and AnnaClaire were also there for the fun!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

A New Kind of Ride

The boys took their first ride in the new house with Pop and Claire. On the way up Eli pushed the button for the 2nd floor and it was Alex’s turn when they were coming down. Its going to be really easy to move the girls upstairs when we finally move into our new home.

DSC06277-003 The control in the hall is covered up so that the finish doesn’t get paint on it at the moment but the elevator is in working order. Its quiet and definitely fast enough for me, its also very roomy.

 DSC06275-001 Here they are on their first elevator ride in the new house.

DSC06282-008 DSC06278-004  DSC06280-006DSC06279-005 DSC06281-007

The Trade Off

Davey’s wanted a four wheeler for a while, he and his lovely wife made a little trade off so he could get it for him and the boys to ride around on. Davey was letting his hair grow, it was getting unruly and Claire really likes it short, very short.

Davey Hair

So he shaved his head and Claire gave her blessing for the new four wheeler.


I’m pretty sure he thinks the trade off was totally worth it, he and the boys are enjoying their new toy.

DSCF4043-001 DSCF4044-002 DSCF4045-003 DSCF4046-004 DSCF4047-005 DSCF4049-006 DSCF4052-009 DSCF4053-010 Kali and Ian hop on too and have a ride with Uncle Davey. Kali especially thinks its a cool ride!