Sunday, February 27, 2011

Siesta Time

The little boys and Pop have been napping for a while now, I had to get a photo of the boys, they’re such angels and when they sleep it really shows! They have such beautiful eyelashes and lips! Are boys really supposed to be so pretty ?! Well I may be a little partial! :)

 DSC_2281-001 DSC_2283-002  DSC_2285-004 DSC_2286-005


Audrey Jane

My baby sister had a little girl four weeks ago, this week I was honored to photograph her in her Baptism dress, which was also the one my sister Deborah wore on her Christening day.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pleasure of their company…

This weekend we have the little guys over for the weekend, their parents are celebrating their 5th anniversary in Chicago with a long weekend get away. After their naps this evening they went out to meet Pop at the pond for a little fishing time. They caught lots of fish and I captured some sweet photos and great photo memories for us all. (Alex is in the jeans and Eli is in the overalls.)

DSC_2136-001 DSC_2144-002 DSC_2147-003 DSC_2150-004 DSC_2153-005 DSC_2154-006 DSC_2155-007 DSC_2163-008 DSC_2172-009 DSC_2173-010 DSC_2182-011 DSC_2186-012 DSC_2190-013 DSC_2200-014 DSC_2202-015 DSC_2203-016 DSC_2204-017 DSC_2205-018 DSC_2207-019 DSC_2208-020 DSC_2209-021 DSC_2210-022 DSC_2233-023 DSC_2235-024 DSC_2238-025 DSC_2239-026 DSC_2260-027 DSC_2265-028 DSC_2266-029 DSC_2272-030 DSC_2279-031 They ended their trip to the pond by feeding the fish and when we asked where they wanted to go for supper they both said “Duffy’s” at the same time, I really think they discussed it together before we asked! Duffy’s it is!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Recent Digital Layouts

Here are a few of my latest digital scrapbook layouts. I created them using Shabby Miss Jenn Designs February kits.

Baby Doll Tea Party

Grandma and Grandpa Love NOLA 2 (w)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Orleans Weekend

Dave flew us to New Orleans on Friday afternoon in his plane for an amazing weekend getaway. We had a very nice, smooth and relaxing flight on the way over and had a chance to catch up with one another and wind down during the 40 minutes it took us to get to the city.  We spent the weekend at the beautiful Marriot Hotel on Canal Street, the same place we stayed on our honeymoon over 28 years ago. We had a relaxing evening on Friday, ate supper at the Bourbon House …

bourbon-house  … then we went to the Famous Door and danced the night away.

Famous Door The band playing there was playing good old 70s music and we enjoyed ourselves until the wee hours of the morning, stopping off at Alibi before turning in for a delicious snack. They really have the best late night, early morning food in New Orleans.

new-orleans-alibi-89 On Saturday we walked around the French Market and Jackson Square enjoying watching the artists painting and the street performers entertaining the crowd. There was one young man who designed a Transformer Costume and he entertained the crowd!

DSC09556-022  DSC09551-017  DSC09558-024DSC09552-018

Here are a few photos of the artists painting in Jackson Square.  DSC09559-025DSC09563-029

This first guy painted what I thought was very self reflective in a way because the colors in his painting were the exact same colors as his clothing. I loved his painting of St. Louis Cathedral through the park.DSC09555-021

This woman’s work was very vibrant and very much a reflection of herself. You can check out more of her work here: She’s got a beautiful body of work and a unique style.DSC09543-010 DSC09544-011

This artist really captured the city in a wonderful way and was my absolute favorite! Dave bought one of his water colors for our home, which is a very similar street scene like the one he’s working on in the photo above, in it he used colors that will compliment the colors in our home. I’m going to take a photo of it and share once its hanging in my kitchen. His name is Lee Tucker, you can view some of his work at his web site here:

Strolling down the streets of NOLA in the French Quarter is a treat on a Saturday, we heard so many wonderful street artists playing music and it was such a treat, there’s so much talent in NOLA that you have to stop and enjoy it as you visit the city. DSC09657-109

We enjoyed one of the most delicious lunches I have ever had in NOLA at Frank’s Restaurant, it features Italian Cuisine and it is very, very good.  Its located on Decatur Street near the French Market and so worth finding!  DSC09602-068DSC09583-049

My slice of French bread was definitely heart shaped. :)DSC09587-053 DSC09621-083

The shrimp fettuccini was absolutely delicious and their baked French bread topped with a little cheese was scrumptious, so light and crispy, we will definitely be going back when we visit the city! Dave took the photo of me below at Frank’s while we were waiting for our meal to come to the table.

Katy NOLA-142

Here’s one last image from our trip to NOLA, my sweet honey of a husband in front of St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square.

DSC09634-096 Thanks sweetheart for a fabulous weekend with you in my favorite city.