Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bitty Baby Clothing and a New Layout

I found an adorable little sleeper at Walmart in preemie size and gave it to her for Christmas for her Bitty Baby doll she named Mia Marie. I was just sure it would fit and tonight she tried it on her baby and I have to say it fits nicely and its so adorable. Carter makes it in their “Child of Mine” line and it was only $7, for that price I tell you its really a good deal since baby doll clothes is way more expensive than that online and in local stores. Just a tip for all of you with little girls who love their American Doll Bitty Babies. The tag said 17” and her doll is 15, it fit beautifully!

DSC_1116-015 DSC_1118-017 DSC_1120-018 Here’s a little layout I created using Shabby Miss Jenn’s Summer Ponies kit.

Learning to Sew

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