Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kali and her Daisy Christmas

Kali had a very important task tonight, bringing the treats and snacks for her Daisy meeting. We also put together a little holiday gift for her friends along with a craft for all of them to participate in. I’ll share the details about the craft tomorrow.

After we chose the type of cookie she wanted to feature on a recipe card, I found a good one in my cook book and designed a digital card using Kate Hadfield’s little spoon and cookie elements from her adorable Coffee and Cupcakes kit. You can find it HERE. I topped it off with a sweet bow from Ronna Penner’s  “Essential Notions” Kit.


I slipped it into a little cello bag with a blueberry candy cane and a pretty lime green spatula for making cookies. I made a sweet little Daisy tag and added red and green ribbon along with a jingle bell to the top of the package.



The blue reminds me of the Daisy apron that the girls wear at their meetings. Kinda cute huh?

 DSC_0515-004 The girls loved their treat from Kali and I had fun making them!

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jmac said...

Uh-gain..........precious!! Don't know how you come up with these adorable ideas. Guess I'll have to get a yearly membership in your party planning business when Lilli gets older!!
and what exactly is a Daisy Group? how cute.....what do they do and how often do they meet?