Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hand Lettering Day 05

There's nothing quite like the feeling when you set your heart on accomplishing something and coming very close to what you wanted it to be. I'm pretty happy with the way this looks. I am to be quite honest studying and researching a lot of hand lettered signs online, Pinterest is especially helpful in finding great examples. I am studying how they position the words in reference to the ones around them and how you can add pretty strokes to make them interesting. There is a lot of measuring involved and I need to soften up my pencil marks so I can more easily erase them, but we're getting somewhere. :) The gift of artistic creativity is a blessing, I am choosing not to waste the talent God has given me and I'm attempting to develop it, because it brings me joy and I find it relaxing.

Day five of the #creativechallengegonewild is the question . . . What's with the Llama?
Here's my take on it.


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