Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Coffee and Scones

One of my very good friends came into town last week to help her father pass on to his heavenly home. I know she felt blessed to have been there with her family at that time. Her father, our dear friend Mr. Ed passed a few days before Thanksgiving and we put him to rest this past Saturday morning. Beverly and I have been friends since high school, she didn’t introduce Dave and me, we met in first grade years before, but she did encourage Dave to ask me out on a date one day in high school and our happily ever after grew from that encouragement and and for that I will be forever grateful. We didn’t get to visit until this morning, she came over for a little coffee and we had a very nice talk and caught up on a whole lot of years and family happenings. I sure love that girl, she’s a wonderful woman who is hard working, inspiring and I just love her gumption. Bev, please do come by and visit often, even if its just for a few minutes, and I do promise to look in on your Mama, encourage her to get in touch when ever she needs anything.

In preparation for our little visit, I made raspberry scones to have with our coffee. With just a little raspberry jam they were just delicious. The recipe is easy and bake up in a quick 12 minutes.

Here’s Ina Garten’s Strawberry Scone Recipe that I adapted and made with raspberry.

 DSC_0054-005 DSC_0058-008DSC_0056-006 DSC_0057-007 Our princess was here during our visit and she was such a sweetie. She was enjoying watching the chickens on the patio and in the back yard while I cooked the scones this morning and I snapped a picture of her sweet smile.

DSC_0052-004 Have a fabulous Wednesday from me and Linee!


Anonymous said...

Such a sweet mama, I have:) you have a HUGE heart! love you tons!!!

sweet Linee, too. i could just eat her up


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for having me over the other morning. The kind words are heartfelt & I am so grateful & lucky to be able to call you friend. Next time I'm in town, I will drop by, no telling when, but will. :) Thanks again for the visit.