Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kali’s Latest Project

Yesterday when Kali and I went to Lafayette we stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked out fabric for Kali’s pajama pants project. This is for her second sewing lesson and we wanted to get it in before she went back to school after the Christmas and New Years Holidays. She picked a pretty fabric with lavender and purple butterflies accented in lime green with black outlines. There are a few flowers mixed in  that are pretty shades of light blue, white and aqua. She chose a purple tee shirt and pretty lilac colored flip flops that match nicely with her fabric. We also found dotted grosgrain ribbon in coordinating colors and a bit of boa feather to put in the middle.

 DSC_1102-002 DSC_1104-004DSC_1103-003  Here she is ready to start her pajama project.


I got her started by pinning and cutting out the fabric (she will learn how to do this soon too) then we were ready to go.

DSC_1109-009 DSC_1105-005 DSC_1106-006 DSC_1107-007 DSC_1108-008

She remembers the sewing steps really well and today she did her own thread cutting. She’s very careful with the pins and scissors.


Here are a few photos of her in her new pajamas and tshirt.

DSC_1112-012 DSC_1111-011 I made her a cute little bow to go with the pajama set and she was all ready to go!

DSC_1115-014 DSC_1114-013 We hope everyone has a wonderful New Year celebration!

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