Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve at the Larson Home

Our sweet boys were here on Christmas Eve to open presents and spend time with the family. They were too cute and had so much fun with Pop!

  DSC_0963-023 DSC_0962-022DSC_0964-024

Kali was beyond thrilled when she opened her gift from Lolli and Pop… she really did jump for joy!

DSC_0969-029 DSC_0970-030What can I say, the girl wants to learn how to sew with Lolli!

Here’s a lovely photo of their Mama Claire and Papa Davey at Granny’s on Christmas Eve. SO pretty and handsome!

DSC_1050-103 Our lovely girls Erica and Alexa sharing a smile for the camera.

DSC_1037-092 Krista and Zach celebrating with the family at Gran's house.

DSC_1018-074 Here’s Dave with his Mama on Christmas Eve. We are so happy we could share the evening with her.

DSC_1000-059 And lastly, Erica and her friend Jory.


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