Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year’s Eve Napping

The littles have all come to spend the day with me while Bubba, Claire, Krista and Zach are taking care of house cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. Kali, Alex and Eli are all napping right now and I realized I didn’t take one photo of any of them while they played. Gonna rectify that situation when they wake, but here are a few for now!

A Before-001

They love their little chairs, they had snack and lunch on them and watched a little Disney program on them before lining them up before nap time. The twins photos are a lil bit blurry, I didn’t want to turn on the light so I shot it in the dark, the flash didn’t bother them one bit!


This is Elijah, he decided to nap on top of the covers today.Alex-002

This is Alex, he was under the sheet and I guess it was a little warm for him since his little cheeks are pink.DSCF2178-003

Kali sleeping in my bed after watching a little cooking show. She had to get up out of bed to come and let me know that the cooking channel is 52 in case I’m interested, then she went back to my room and finished watching her program.


Anonymous said...

and this is erica, she was mastering the nap while looking goregeous in her dark gray sweats by fruit of the loom.

Katy said...

LOL Erica I didn't take a photo of you and share it since you were sporting crazy hair!