Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fabulous Cabinets!

First of all, I am loving everything about the cabinets being built for our new home. I’m in love with the laundry room/craft/sewing room! These are the units that have been installed so far, we still have the cabinet and shelf that go over the washer and dryer to be built and brought in and installed. All of these cabinets go to the 10 foot ceiling and have oodles and oodles of storage in them.


This cabinet is in the laundry room, the top will have shelves in it and its a super space for hanging clothes, the little space at the bottom will hold my little canister vacuum.


these cabinets are to the right of the washer/dryer area and we’ll have a mop sink here and cabinets above, the closet on the right is for mops, brooms and whatever other tall items need storage and the top will be shelving.


On the space on the left here will be the washer/dryer and above a handy open shelf for my detergent, clorox, stain fighters and all the other goodies for cleaning laundry. Above the shelf I’ll have more storage cabinets.


This lovely piece is going to house the upright freezer that we’ll put in the space in the middle. The right side shelves are 30 inches deep and it will be perfect for storing rolls of wrapping paper, the bottom has two huge drawers for holding the other gift wrapping necessities, on the left side there are 15 inch shelves that are accessible from the front and the other 15 inches are accessible from around the left side. There are big deep cabinets on top for storing larger items up on the top of the whole unit.


This is my sewing/crafting desk area, I have drawer units on left and right at the bottom that will have a pretty granite top added later and super roomy storage up on top in those cabinets. The wonderful thing is that the 16x13 foot room still feels spacious and comfy even with all these cabinet units installed, I will be able to easily set up a work table in the middle of the room … or an ironing board and have enough room to move around them comfortably. I do love this room! Another added benefit is that we have an office in the home, but in the event that we have Dave’ mom or my parents move in with us, (and I do see this happening eventually) I can easily set up office right here giving them the office as a second downstairs bedroom suite since there’s a walk in closet and private bath attached to that room. I would be perfectly happy here in this room. I have visions of baskets and storage ideas galore and can’t wait to make good use of this wonderful room! Thank you to my sweet husband for making this room nice and big and filled with useful cabinetry!

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