Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This Sweet Girl

Is coming with me to take care of Alex and Eli today. Yesterday she held Eli's bottle while he ate the whole thing, she sure was a huge help for her mom while she fed Alex. Its going to be a fun day for me and the boys with her along! She posed herself when we were out shooting grad photos the other day, I just love how much style shes got at nearly four years old!


Janey said...

I knew it was coming,....just didn't know when it would show up!!
hahahahahha....you've been taking pics of that girl for so long, she prolly has flash marks on her eyeballs! So who wouldn't have thought she would turn into a little model?!! I bet she has more photo poses than the big girls!!

Precious, I tell ya. Just precious!

Anonymous said...

She is a little DIVA haha

I wish kayla would take pictures like her!


Anonymous said...