Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hey Everyone! Watch this!!

I think this may just help make the day go by a little easier for the lil workin' mamas. The boys are just too adorable for words and we are indeed lucky to have them and that they're such healthy, happy lil guys! Enjoy Claire! Yesterday afternoon Kali sang to the boys and 'read' the 101 Dalmations Golden Book to them while they watched their mobile. The girl certainly has a flair for singing, the words aren't all very clear, but hey, she's three and a half and she sure has the melody down pat! Enjoy Krista! Eli and Alex got so excited when she showed them the pictures from the book too, gotta love a bunch of black and white puppies on the pages! I hope two videos in one day isn't overload! I'll be developing my website soon and hope to have many more videos of the kiddos on my blog!


Deborah said...

These are Joanna's new favorite movies. "Do it again Mom"



Beki said...

OMG!!!!! Katy, you amaze me.. Our little boys are amazing. I can't wait to keep them Friday and Saturday. It has been tooooo long since I have been home. Kali is the sweetest little girl. We are all lucky to have her in our lives.

Thanks so much for allowing me to see them on a daily basis.


Sarah96 said...

oooh how daaaarling!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA kali is a trip. I love the picture, priceless!!