Tuesday, April 1, 2008

NO Foolin...

This April fool has been a seriously lovely day. Kali and the boys were so tired after their lunches that they all lay down and had wonderful afternoon naps together, giving me a little time to take photos and blog before they woke up.

Kali visited Granny this morning next door and helped her with some planting and watering, they had a nice visit and checked out the garden on the way home in the golf cart. I think Granny wore little Kali out. ;) Pop brought home a yummy lunch for Kali that she promptly ate right up. Her morning activities were: Jumping on the trampoline, working in her pre-school workbook, reading with Lolli and helping with diaper change time for Alex and Eli. She's such a great little helper.

Alex arrived first this morning while his baby brother went to the doctor's office. We had a fun morning filled with smiles and cooing. He's a cheerful little guy in the mornings! He loves looking out the window at the pretty trees in front of our den, he spent a good 20 minutes this morning doing just that before Mama arrived with Eli. (Alex had a fever over the weekend and went to the doctor for the same thing, he's feeling much better now and is almost finished with his meds.)

Baby Eli had a rough night last night, he ran fever and went to the doctor's office this morning, he's got a little ear issue that the doctor prescribed some medicine for and he'll be feeling better soon. He ran a slight fever after lunch but a dose of Tylenol had it down before he fell asleep for his nap. Even though he's feeling a little down, he's got a very good disposition and you'd hardly know he's feeling poorly. I hope he's over that nasty ear problem soon.

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