Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween with Family and Friends

On Saturday night Alex, Eli, Kali and Caroline attended a fun party and hay ride with their friends and family at our friend Johnny and Kathy’s house, they are so gracious to have hosted this party for quite a few years and we are lucky to be counted in their circle of friends and included with the ‘kids’ and their ‘kiddos’.


Kali was a 20’s flapper girl and Alex and Eli were Power Rangers. They all had a blast at the party and can’t wait to go trick or treating this coming week with their cousins!


Our little Linee wore a Dorothy costume that I made for Kali when she was a year and a half, she had adorable red bows on her shoes and in her hair but she took a nap while they were on the hay ride and woke up later at the party and I was able to get this rumpled photo of her, but its that smile that I adore!

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