Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pretty in Pink

On Friday Caroline and I attended the Blessing of the Babies Mass at SES, she was adorable in pink and had nothing but smiles for me all morning. Hope you all have a very happy week filled with lots of love and smiles!

happy girl in pink On another note, our chickens and the duck who lives in our pond also started laying. We picked three chicken eggs and two duck eggs this week so far and are trying to find where they are all laying. So far its scattered around!

Homegrown eggs I cooked a few for breakfast, quack quack is on the left and pock pock is on the right. ;)

quack and pockThe duck egg is much more orange than the chicken egg but they’re both very rich tasting and delicious! We are going to have to build a coop very soon for them so we can harvest the eggs every day rather than go hunting through the barn and pastures for them!

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