Monday, August 30, 2010

Spa di da: Welcome Table

As our little guests arrived for the party they went over to the welcome table to pick up a few little things and sign in.

DSCF6313-032 Here’s Kali signing the spa sheet.

DSCF6316-035 DSC09227-005

I adorned these adorable sparkly pink makeup bags with a big aqua flower. The girls loved them!

DSC09226-004 The girls also picked up their spa supplies bag which consisted of a face washing pad, q-tips, cotton balls, face wipes and pink nail polish packaged up in sweet little draw string sachets.

DSCF6314-033 DSC09243-016 Personalized name tags with the Spa di da logo were on all of the girl’s spa treats. Look for more tomorrow on my blog about our fabulously fun Spa di da party!

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jmac said...

It all looks adorable!!! One more memory from Lolli for the books...and for Kali's heart!!