Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spa di da: Dressing Room

After our little sweeties signed in and got their spa package, they went to the dressing room where they found a little short set for each of them hanging above little baskets.

DSCF6310-030 DSCF6312-031 DSC09263-025They were to each take a basket with them after they changed along with a monogrammed towel and water bottle.


DSC09261-024 DSC09241-014 DSC09260-023They went to the bar and filled their water bottles with ice water before going to the waiting room to meet their spa lady for the first rotation of relaxing treatments.



Here’s Kali on her way to her first treatment with her basket of goodies and her new little spa clothes.

DSCF6347-064 Tomorrow I will share a bit about the fun that went on in the waiting rooms! Have a wonderful day!

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