Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jujube Apples

When my Mama was growing up they had a jujube apple tree and she told us about them when we were little, they called them zuzus though. One day Mama and Daddy found a tree and got one and planted it. We grew up eating them off of the tree in the yard. The apples were about the size of a small kumquat and we never did anything but eat them fresh off the tree. The jujube fruit originated in Asia and starts off green as as it ripens it becomes speckled with brown and then the entire fruit turns a pretty dark brown. The seed in the middle is shaped like a plum seed but thinner, eating around it is easy.  


We bought our tree at a nursery in Abbeville which has since closed, but it has larger fruit than the one I grew up eating. Ours are shaped like the photo above but I’m not sure what the name of it really is. Here below is a chart of several different types. There are no measurements in the description so I am not positive about the variety, but I think ours is shaped like the honeypot variety. My mom’s tree was more like the football shaped Tsao.


This is what the tree looks like. I haven’t got a photo on my computer of our tree but I will take one tomorrow.


This is a bowl of the ones that Erica picked tonight.


Last year I made some apple butter and it turned out pretty good, the tree is loaded right now so I may make some more soon. For now we’re enjoying eating them fresh off of the tree. Caroline and the twins really like them too, you will find the boys with pockets full of them as they ride the Rhino around the yard or while jumping on the trampoline. They are funny fellows.


You can read more information on the jujube fruit here:

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