Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Two Golden Birthdays

Our sweet pumpkin Caroline is already ELEVEN months old. Krista and I are in the midst of planning Kali and Caroline’s birthday parties. Kali will be NINE on Thursday, May 9th… and her party is this Saturday and three weeks later Caroline turns ONE on June 1st and we’ve got her party scheduled on her birthdate!

We’re celebrating Kali’s birthday with a Western themed cowgirl party at the Larson Ranch ;) There will be food, games, a photo booth and maybe horse rides if Kali can convince Pop to saddle up Ca$h! Krista and I filled and decorated the favor bags I designed yesterday and they really are adorable, I will be sharing photos of them and the party pics from the weekend next week! Here’s what I designed for her birthday invitation, I used paper from Mary Fran’s Giddyup kit and elements from Kate Hadfield’s Ride Em Cowboy kit. She got dressed up in her western attire and I shot a few photos for the invite and favor topper, she really loved how it came out. they came out!

Kali BD Invite Web

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Janie Gore said...

Very cute, Katy! You are so talented. Kali looks adorable.