Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Little Tea and Two Handsome Boys

This past week Alex and Elijah had a tea party with their fellow pre K classmates at SES, it was held in the parish hall of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and the boys enjoyed it. They were OK with escorting their little friend Edith, who was adorable in her lavender dress and flower in her hair, and they liked the refreshments, the dancing… not so much. Eli gave it a shot with the first little dance, then hung out with his buddies on the dance floor watching everything going on around him, Alex opted to hang out with his Honey (Claire’s mom) on the sidelines. We shot a bunch of adorable photos, here are the highlights.

DSC_1509-078 DSC_1394-006 DSC_1395-007  DSC_1414-012 DSC_1432-020 DSC_1441-026 DSC_1451-035 DSC_1463-044 DSC_1478-055

Here’s one of me with my handsome guys.

Alex Lolli and Eli

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