Friday, September 28, 2012

Caroline: Almost 4 Months Old!

Caroline spent the Thursday and today with me while Mommy Krista worked. I was able to take a few photos of her between naps, she must be growing because that girl eats and sleeps a lot!

She’s found her feet and is grabbing her toys and putting them in her mouth. She loves her sweet baby doll and chewing on her hair! It really keeps her entertained for a while, which gives me a bit of time to edit these photos and post them to my blog and facebook!

0010 0002 0007 0004


jmac said...

that bebe is absolutely gorgeous!! and oh my gawd,,,,you tell her mom I said she definitely made another Larson!!!! and her doll is the exact same doll that Lilli sleeps with EVERY single night...her name is mollie and guess who gave it to her?? heheheheheh....
did ya know I'm gonna be a YaYa again??? Lilli gonna be big sis!!
They just keep on comin' don't they??
been in italy for 3 wks...time of my life!! can't wait to tell ya..

Anonymous said...

her little bow is so cute:) haha adorableee:)
i seem to miss her most the monday after a weekend at home.