Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teacher Appreciation

This week has been filled with crafting fun for me. I love making personalized gifts for the teachers in our little one’s lives. I am so appreciative that they have chosen to follow the teaching path in their lives and make such a difference in so many children’s (and families) lives! I appreciate you all!

Photo 81 Personalized note cards for Mrs. Polk, Kali’s 2nd grade teacher.

photo 86 Photo 80 Panda Pride personalized note cards for Mrs. Karen, SES Principal.

photo 82 A drink cup with single serving lemonades for Mrs. Polk.

photo 85 This package is for Mrs. Polk for tomorrow. She’s got her favorite soda and candy bar inside with a matching note pad.


Kali thought this was the funniest thing ever, we wrapped an orange in red tissue, put it in a cello bag, tied green ‘leaf’ curly ribbon on it and added a gift tag. This is for Mrs. Karen, Kali said she loves jokes and this one is going to make her laugh. It sure had Kali giggling tonight.


“To teach is to touch a life forever"!”


[Please excuse the shoddy images, I took these with my iPhone instead of taking out my ‘real’ camera, I always regret it later when I am trying to use the images on my blog!]


Melissa Lester said...

Such cute ideas, Katie! Teachers will love these!

Melissa Lester said...

(Now I can't see my comment, and I am afraid I typed Katie instead of Katy. Or maybe I didn't type either? Long day!!)