Monday, April 9, 2012

Birthday Surprise

Our daughter Krista’s best friend sent me a text with a photo of a beautiful little coffee cup while Dave and I were at LauBerge dulac on a little birthday trip, she asked me if I collected them. I told her most definitely, asked her where she found them and a few days later she dropped off a big tub of dishes on my patio when I was out of the house for the afternoon. You can imagine how excited and surprised I was to find them in beautiful condition, a lovely addition to the few pieces I treasured. The first photo is of the ones I already had, a coffee pot, two creamers, one sugar and a serving dish and 13 fruit bowls.

DSC_6552-007 Just how excited do you think I am that I have all these precious pieces to add to my collection. 12 dessert plates, six dinner plates, six cup and saucer sets, 7 fruit bowls, 7 soup bowls and an extra creamer.

DSC_6551-006 DSC_6546-001 DSC_6547-002 DSC_6548-003 DSC_6549-004 DSC_6550-005

Thank you Brie for remembering me when you found these treasures and for gifting them to me! Love you and your thoughtfulness!

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jmac said...

So Cool!! Now let's see a tablescape with your new dishes!!