Friday, November 26, 2010

A lil Gift from Lolli and Pop and Tangled

Early today while everyone else was shopping and running the roads, Erica, Claire, Krista and I took Kali, Alex and Eli to see the wonderfully delightful Disney Movie “Tangled”.

Disney-Tangled-Poster-1 Disney’s “Tangled”

Before leaving for lunch and the movie the little ones opened their Thanksgiving prizes from Lolli and Pop… their matching Christmas pajamas. They’re going to be adorable in them! They also got Lifesaver Gummies in their stockings to bring to the movies!

DSC_0348-014 DSC_0335-001 DSC_0336-002 DSC_0337-003 DSC_0338-004 DSC_0341-007 DSC_0342-008 DSC_0344-010 DSC_0345-011 DSC_0346-012 DSC_0347-013 I can’t wait to see our sweeties all dressed up in their Christmas jammies!

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