Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Super Sight!

Alexa had Lasik surgery this morning and everything went very well, she's resting in my bedroom right now. She was very excited and nervous this morning, then we saw a rainbow on the way to Lafayette and she felt like it was a sign from above that everything would be fine. Its the simplest blessings from God, like the sight of a rainbow to calm someone's heart and remind them that there are angels watching over them. I'm including the last photo I shot of her this morning wearing corrective lens glasses. She's going to be so happy not to need them or her contacts!

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jmac said...

She's going to be so happy she did it. My middle son had his done right out of college...had glasses since second grade....when we came out of doctor's office, he said...Look!! The trees are green!!
He knew they were supposed to be green but he'd never actually seen the true color before!
Now, he cannot even remember what it was like back when he was so blind!!